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ISDV131 Internet and Web Technology Course

Key  Core
Exercise Software
Core Resource Read This Exercise Software Download Manditory Assignment
Core Resource  Microsoft.Net Curriculum
Core Resource  Oracle Java Solutions Curriculum
Core Resource  ISDV131 (Common to both pathways)

Course Notes and Teaching Resources
Core Resource  1 - Web Site Basics (4.9MB)
Read This  Web Site Communications - A Flash Presentation
Core Resource  2 - Web Site Mechanics (3.1MB)
Core Resource  3 - Web Site Security (3.7MB)
Read This  Security Audit (2MB)
Manditory Assignment  Assignment 1 - Denial of Service Attacks
Core Resource  4 - Web Site Coding (3.2MB)
Read This  Delegates Home Pages (Apache Web Server) - See how YOURS measures up with the star winners! Star Award winners
Read This  Images - See images stored here for you to use in your home pages
Read This  Hex Colour Chooser - JS application with good links on 'Browser Safe' palettes.
Read This  Online GIF Animator - Create GIF animations online at this site.
Exercise  Exercise 1 - Basic text formatting
Exercise  Exercise 2 - Images and Lists
Exercise  Exercise 2b - Image maps
Exercise  Exercise 3 - Tables and Cells
Exercise  Exercise 4 - Merging Table Cells
Exercise  Exercise 5 - Presenting Data in a table
Exercise  Exercise 6 - Frameset Documents
Exercise  Exercise 7 - Simple Forms
Exercise  Exercise 8 - Form arranged using tables
Software Download  Smart FTP - About the best PD FTP Client I have seen
Software Download  Xara 3D - Given free with PC Pro Magazine, March 2000. Creates 3D text animated graphics.
Software Download  Mapedit Use this to create Image Maps in web pages. 30 day trial, then $10 registration.
Software Download  Paintshop / Animation Shop V5.0 (Full version) Given Free with 'Digital Photography Made Easy (Issue 23)', by Paragon Publishing Ltd, UK)
Manditory Assignment  Assignment 2 - Publish a web page to your home directory
Core Resource  5 - Javascript Coding (1.1MB)
Read This  Reading List Please read this list and act upon it
Read This  JS / VB Test Bed Learn better coding practices with this tool.
Exercise  Exercise 9 - Regular Expressions
Exercise  Exercise 10 - Popups, Dates and Randomisation
Exercise  Exercise 11 [ The Document Object Model | Using Numerical indexes | Using Named indexes ]
Software Download  Netscape Navigator (Various Versions - Great for code debugging!)
Manditory Assignment  Assignment 3 - Format a form using tables and use JavaScript validation to ensure user completes it correctly.
Core Resource  6 - Stylesheets
Exercise  Exercise 12 - Four ways to apply Styles in HTML documents.
Exercise  Exercise 13 - Cascading, <div> and <span>.
Exercise  Exercise 14 - ID Rules and Classes in Style Sheets.
Exercise  Exercise 15 - Pseudo Classes and Elements.
Core Resource  7 - Active Server Pages and Database Access 29/10/2003 NEW (...more coming soon)
Read This  Delegates Home Pages (IIS Web Server)
Core Resource  Book Shop Demo
Core Resource  Documentation [ MS:VBScript | MS:JScript | MS:IIS Objects | | ]
Exercise  FTP to Student area
Exercise  Exercise 1 [ ASP (VBS) - SOURCE | ASP (JS) - SOURCE ] - Hello World
Exercise  Exercise 2 [ ASP (VBS) - SOURCE | ASP (JS) - SOURCE ] - Greeting Form
Exercise  Exercise 3 [ ASP (VBS) - SOURCE ] - Database Access
Core Resource  8 - XML
Core Resource  More ASP Help
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