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Date By Affected Changes
2016-04-07 MF Updates Changed URLs for this site to https.
2016-04-07 MF Smarties Quiz The quiz no longer runs as it is made with a very old version of Java, source code now shows properly though.
2013-09-22 JP Intro Updated Information on the Intro page.
2010-10-28 JP Intro Updated home page
2009-10-05 JP tubes2 Added more information about the tubes on the tubes2 page
2009-09-04 JP Intro Corrected link to Liz Stuart site on the intro page.
2009-08-21 JP Intro Added Liz Stuart to links and many thanks section of the intro page.
2009-08-21 MF Intro Added note to the effect that James is now the official webmaster of this site.
2009-08-21 MF uk/other/books James created a new page whose path was other/books (nice one James!) - I renamed this to 'other' and set the parent path of that page to uk/other then created a submenu off uk/other to reference the new page and add it to both navigation and sitemap
2009-08-19 JP Intro Deleted links on the links section of the homepage that no longer work.
2009-08-19 JP Intro Updated the what are smarties? box on the Home page to include information about the new Hexitube and added information about smarties becoming no artificial colours or flavours.
I Have also deleted the link to daniel's site in the notice box on the top of the Home page as his website has now closed.
2009-08-17 MF Entire site Converted remainder of to run under Ecclesiact, removed 'under construction' pages now that nav is so much easier to work with.
2009-08-10 MF Intro, some uk Began wholesale conversion of site to Ecclesiact starting with UK lids and tubes pages and moved images into UserFiles folder to allow for remote file folder access
2006-05-22 MF Intro Created new Ecclesiact implementation and migrated just the first page
2000-08-09 MF uk/tubes/2
Added "Cola Flavoured Smarties" and "Dinosaur Smarties" to tubes and lids pages.
Also added "Add This Page" functionality to Intro with favorites icon feature (IE5 only).
2000-06-20 MF uk/lids Added new Silver lids "Cola Flavoured Smarties" details and installed a table of contents.
Also added a subtle background image to smartie charts to help it print out better.
2000-08-05 MF Intro Updated Smarties Video to include multi-streaming and sub-titles. Give it a try!
2000-05-02 MF uk/tubes/2
Added Smarties Football Tubes.
Added pictures of football lids and updated "my lids" table
2000-04-28 MF Intro
Moved news-flash article on new Smarties Football series to uk/lids page.
Updated smarties quiz to correct one out of date answer
2000-04-26 MF Intro Added new info to news-flash on UK Football Smarties.
2000-04-18 MF Intro Added news flash for new UK football Smarties.
2000-03-28 MF Intro Revised "What are Smarties" section to list places producing Smarties, with link to US Smarties.
2000-03-24 MF uk/tubes/2 Added Smartians Cartoon insert page (front and back). Many thanks to Paul Evans.
2000-03-15 MF canada/boxes
Added Valentines' Box- many thanks to Deanna Laity for sending it to me (as a professional, you understand!)
Added Smarties Camera to the section.
2000-03-03 MF (All UK)
UK Other
Added new "Christmas " category to UK pages in preparation for adding a lot more material.
Renamed "uk/special" to "uk/other" and moved some content to uk/christmas.
2000-02-29 MF Quiz A job which has waited far too long since I moved to this ISP... corrected graphics used in Java Applet so each entry now scored correctly.
2000-02-28 MF (All Pages)
Corrected a niggly little Y2K problem with date insertions.
Recorded thanks to Martin Cosford for Smartian Figues and T-Shirts coming soon...
2000-01-16 MF Intro Added a link to Trond Stien's new web site
2000-01-04 MF revisions
Added a revision history page so that older news given in the intro page wouldn't be lost after deletion.
Updated email address for Trond Stien.
1999-12-22 MF (All Pages) Corrected some serious imcompatability issues for Netscape which fails to display any text in a table enclosed in a paragraph, which of course, Frontpage conveniently insists on placing it in.
1999-12-07 MF Intro Placed banner for at top of page.  Please visit this very important site. Smarties scarf now moved to
1999-12-05 MF uk/miniboxes
Added new Christmas Miniboxes pictures.
Added "What's New" table on THIS page and performed general housekeeping.   Also added country flags.
1999-12-01 MF uk/lids/ Following discussions with Peter Brooksbanks, revised UK lids page to add new metric colour (dark blue) and include section on how to identify differences between lid series.   Also new Smartian Lids picture and chart updates following Peter's kind donation.
1999-11-28 MF uk/miniboxes
Added Smartian Miniboxes pictures.
Added Smartie train mini-boxes (thanks to Daryl Lainson).
Added Box pictures (thanks Daryl).
1999-11-22 MF Intro
Added links section to main intro page.
Added Smartian toy pictures (Thanks to Roz Aldridge)
1999-11-21 MF (All Pages) Completely rebuilt navigation system with new regional sections and locking shortcut menu-bar system.  Improved "Smartie Scope viewer" scripts.