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So, what ARE Smarties?

(*) On this site you'll find pictures of lids, tubes, wrappers, boxes, tubs, Easter Eggs, free competition prizes, special offers and goodness knows what else I collected up until August 2001 when Martin moved to Canada and gave hisSmartie collection away.   James Prosser has now taken on the task of maintaining this site and he can be reached here.
(*) Smarties are milk chocolate discs 8mm across and 3.5mm thick in the middle, coated in a crisp sugary shell and come in many colours.

FACT: Smarties were invented by Rowntrees in York (UK) in 1937 and were sold for 2d (old pennies) a time. Nestle bought the company (by then called Rowntrees Macintosh after an earlier merger) in 1988. Click here for supporting evidence for this claim.

Today, Nestles make Smarties at:

smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)York (U.K - 530,000 tubes a day!), smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)Czechia, smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)Hamburg (Germany), smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)Toronto (Canada), smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)East London (South Africa), smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)Melbourne (Australia), smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)Thailand and smartie_blue.gif (556 bytes)Malaysia where they produce special "Halal approved" Smarties!
(*) If you live in the USA you know Smarties as a different product entirely to the rest of us.   This is because the UK company Rowntree's sold the Smarties name to an American company a long time ago. This is WHY you can't get what the rest of the world call "Smarties" in the USA - unless you buy from on of the firms with links later on this page.   To see what Smarties means to someone from the USA, visit their web site:
(*) In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Smarties are called Lentilky, and you can visit the Lentilky website here. Many thanks to Maxim Krusina for sending me the link to the official Lentilky site. To see a Lentilky TV commercial, click here.
(*) Throughout the world (except Canada), they are normally sold in brightly decorated cardboard tubes about 15cm long by 13mm diameter, with removable plastic caps, also in a variety of colours (currently 4). Read about them on the UK Tubes pages.    In Canada, Smarties are sold in boxes, not tubes.
Many people ask me about the TV advert "When you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last?" - well I finally found the complete text to that song in that campaign, and you can read it here.
(*) Many people collect these caps, as each one has a raised plastic letter (a-z) embossed on the inside. The "aim" is to collect all letters in all colours. In days gone by the lids were slightly larger and had lower case and capital letters, and even in some rare cases, NUMBERS printed on them. Read about them on the UK Lids page.
(*) Sometimes the manufacturers print pictures on the Smarties themselves. Many people have written in asking about this practice. Here are some recent British samples:
From Hologram "Magic Trick" tubes
magic.jpg (6130 bytes)
From "Shark Infested" tubes
shark.jpg (7461 bytes)
From "Rugrats" tubes
(*) Flavours of Smarties: Many people in the UK claim to be able to tell what colour each Smartie is by taste, although normally the only Smarties which actually DO taste any different are the Orange ones which contain Orange Oil as a flavouring.  Marc Hillman wrote to tell us of a series of "blind tests" he was involved in concerning four tubes with "inconclusive" results.   There are occasional exceptions to this however:
*"Bug Flavour" (actually Pineapple)   See
*"Cola Flavour" (pretty convincing) See
(*) On these pages, whenever code numbers are given (e.g. HD0666) these are the codes printed on the packaging by the manufacturers to identify the design. Designing artwork for Smarties is obviously a full time job for some creative genius somewhere, and this site is dedicated to the artwork that is... Smarties
In 2005 Nestle decided to replace the famous tube with a new hexitube.It is beleaved the reason behind Nestle changing the packaging was because they wanted it to feel more appealing to children.
In 2006 Nestle stopped producing blue Smarties.
The reason for this was because Nestle wanted to remove artificial colours from smarties and at the time there was no alternative to the dye they were using.
Blue Smarties then became white but In 2008 Blue Smarties returned and now all the Smarties colours are now no artificial colours or flavours
In 2010 Nestle sold some Smarties easter eggs in retro 80's packaging containing a brown smarties mug.
(*) In 2012 Smarties celebrated It's 75th aniversary and to celebrate the occasion Nestle realesed the hexitube with the retro 80's packaging for a limited time. 

Part of Martin's collection before he gave it all away!

(Click to visit my home page)This collection began life in around 1990, when former webmaster Martin began collecting Smartie lids.   After Rowntrees (who then produced Smarties in the UK) started bringing out a load of "limited edition" tubes and offers, the collection quickly grew to include these too.  In August 2001 Martin moved to Canada and had to leave the collection behind in England.

Martin is still happy to answer occasional questions about smarties, but please bear in mind, he now lives in Canada and his information may be a bit out of date! Email Martin at:

Very Special thanks go to the following, some of whom have agreed to list links in the links section below:
UK Kate Finney    UK Chris King
UK Jimmy Centanni   Belgium Astrid Besaler
Noway Trond Stien   USA Brenda Williams
UK Roz Aldridge   Canada Daryl Lainson
USA Helen   UK Peter BrooksBank
UK Martin Cosford   Canada Deanna Laity
Liz Stuart      

TV commercials:

Very Important Link:

* Feed someone todayUSAThe Hunger Site This sounds too good to be true, but it is true I assure you. Add this site to your favourites -or even set it as your home page- and once a day you can feed someone who is hungry for free. You have no excuse. Visit this site and see for yourself.

Smarties For Sale:

* USAEbay (international) frequently have auctions for Smarties and other food items and are well recommended, I  used them myself following Helen's enthusiastic recommendations!   Once you have signed up you will find them both cheap and easy to use.    You simply state the price (in US $) you are prepared to pay, and the computerised auction then plays an automated auction to see which person gets the item, increasing the bid in small increments possibly up to your maximum price, but frequently below it!
* flag_southafrica.gif (907 bytes)African Hut (South African in USA) sell many items from South Africa, including some Smarties stuff. Thanks Helen for the info!   Thanks also to Robert Wheelock for the flag correction - I previously showed the wrong flag for South Africa.
* AustraliaEverything Australian, Australian sweets and candy including our favourites! Thanks again to Helen for the information.
* UKBritish Mail Order, a site with links to hundreds of sites selling UK items abroad, some including Smarties. Thanks again to Helen for the information.

Other Smarties Collectors

* UKJames Prosser, a Smarties fan from Nottingham now acts as this site's primary webmaster.
* NorwayTrond Stien, a 40 year old Disney collector from Norway... has a staggering 2100 items including Pez, Smarties, Soakeys etc.  Very keen to expand further!   Please email if you collect any of these
Visit his web site at or email
* BelgiumAstrid Besaler a collector from Belgium, also very keen to expand her already huge collection.   She is 34, has 3 kids and a great husband but needs more Kinder, M&Ms and Smartie Toppers to be truly happy.   Please help her!
* CanadaDaryl Lainson, a Smarties collector from Ontario, Canada and a thoroughly all round nice chap.
* UKPeter Brooksbank, a Smarties collector from the UK with an impressive (framed!) collection of lids.
* UKPaul Evans is a very serious collector, a professional you might even say, frequently found selling memorabilia (and buying it too!) in the hallowed halls of Ebay. He has some fantastic items going right back to the 1950's- Smarties records, cameras, even a three foot Smarties paddle steamer!
* UKOlivia Wharton is another serious collector, with a collection spanning 12 years and a loft full of T-Shirts, boxes, tubes, lids, mugs, watches, pens, paper and all kinds of other things.   Olivia has a large array of brand new Smarties stationary on offer, so if you need genuine Smarties Scribble Pads or similar, dig out your cheque book out and drop a line to:
* SwedenMaria Eriksson from Sweden heard about this site from Trond Stein and she too is a collector or Smarties Toppers, but really just the figures rather than the tubes (or presumably the contents!).She has an amazing collection of SEVERAL THOUSAND figures and her own web site which you can see at: You can also email her at
 Liz Stuart Has a great smartie site with pictures of tubes and boxes and more.