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40 Gram Tubes

These tubes are 130mm long by 24mm in diameter.   The images are all scanned at 1.5 pixels per milimeter, and clicking on any image will give you an enlargement at twice that resolution in glorious SmartieScope!.
(The code numbers used for the tubes are inside the glued seam, and you'll need a sharp scalpel to open the seam to read them.)

Click to enlarge TB0059... (20KB) From before Nestlé bought Rowntrees. Lids (orange, dark green, blue & yellow) had "Rowntrees" in raised letters outside.
Click to enlarge TB0062... (20KB) Send 10 tokens and 20p for Gruesome Greenie Money Pouch. Offer closed 31st December 1992.
Click to enlarge TB0078... (20KB) Just after Nestlé bought Rowntrees. Lids (same colours as last tube) all say "smarties" on the outside.
Click to enlarge TB0080... (20KB) This promotion offered a Smarties Zapper (electronic noise generator) for £0.30 plus 10 tokens. Offer closed 31st January 1994. Orange Smarties had lightning flashes painted on.
Click to enlarge TB0082... (21KB) 10% Extra offer
Click to enlarge TB0086A... (21KB) Missing Blue Smarties tubes (series of 9).
Clue 1: The robber doesn't have a moustache.
Click to enlarge TB0086B... (22KB) Offer was 8 tokens plus 20p for Secret Message Pen.
Clue 2: To replace a letter of his name would be silly.
Click to enlarge TB0086C... (21KB) Options: Dr Devious, Big Reg and Billy The Bonce
Clue 3: The robber is wearing a hat
Click to enlarge TB0086D... (21KB) Pen writes invisible ink one end & reveals at the other
Clue 4: His mum calls him William.
Click to enlarge TB0086E... (22KB) Pen came with hidden message: "Only Smarties have the answer!"
Clue 5: There are 13 letter in the robbers name.
Click to enlarge TB0086F... (22KB) Tubes all had blue lids.
Clue 6: Could it be Nobbly The Lice?
Click to enlarge TB0086G... (22KB) Offer closed 30th September 1994.
Clue 7: The robber isn't wearing a top hat.
Click to enlarge TB0086H... (23KB) Clue 8: He shares the first letter of our missing colour.
Click to enlarge TB0086J... (21KB) Clue 9: There are three words in the robbers name.
Click to enlarge TB0088... (23KB) First of a three tube set of "Limited Edition Designs" with Purple, Light Green and Light Blue lids. The blue lids haven't been seen since.
Click to enlarge TB0093... (23KB) Second in the above series featuring three ways of opening a packet:
punch it, unzip it, or rip it in half.
Click to enlarge TB0094... (24KB) Third in the above series.
Click to enlarge TB0099... (22KB) 10% Extra offer

These items were awarded in exchange for cutting out tokens from tubes and boxes, with a contribution towards postage. Some were better than others!
(Smarties Zapper) (Cool Dude Shades) (Gruesome Greenie Pouch)
Smarties Zapper
Got a soundcard? Press the buttons and be impressed!
Cool Dude Shades
The "shades" are a strip of plastic which wraps around your head.
Thanks to Jimmy Centanni!
Gruesome Greenie Money Pouch
This would split immediately if you ever attempted to use it!
(Secret Message Pen)
Secret Message Pen
Write in invisible ink with the yellow end, reveal with the purple end.
On my wish list...
  • White smarties tube.
  • White smarties puzzle.
  • Cool Dude tube.
  • Any others, especially early / foreign.