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40 Gram Tubes - 2

These tubes are 130mm long by 24mm in diameter.   The images are all scanned at 1.5 pixels per milimeter, links load images twice that resolution.

Click to enlarge TB0103a... (22KB) Another three tube limited edition set with spooky ghost themes:
Q What is a ghosts favourite breakfast? A Dreaded Wheat!
Click to enlarge TB0103b... (22KB) Q What is the first thing a monster eats after it has had a tooth out? A The Dentist!
Click to enlarge TB0103c... (23KB) Q What do monsters play at parties? A Swallow my leader!
Click to enlarge TB0104... (22KB) Smartians!   Lids in Orange, Yellow, Pink and Green featured 8 alien shapes. 10 Tokens and 80p for 4 glow in the dark Smartian toys... Zock, Babok, Yoz and Smorg.  See front back
Click to enlarge TB0106... (26KB) In response to demands for tubes containing most people's favourite colored smarties (they have orange flavour), Nestlé brought out this packet containing only orange Smarties.
Click to enlarge TB0108... (25KB) Best Before date is on body
(In 1996 Nestle decided to change the Brown Smarties tube and replaced it with  new colourful packaging  which can be seen on  the left.
Click to enlarge TB0118a... (26KB) Another three tube set, Shark Infested Smarties... pink smarties had shark fins painted on. Tubes had both shark facts and jokes.
Click to enlarge TB0118b... (27KB) Q What do you get if you cross a shark with a snowball? A Frost bite!
Q What's pink and dangerous? A Shark infested Smarties!
Click to enlarge TB0118c... (28KB) News Flash: A ship carrying a cargo of yoyos was bitten by a Shark, it sunk 46 times.
Click to enlarge hologram tube... (26KB) Supported by a TV advertising campaign, each tube had a trick printed inside, and tricks could be won or bought. Trick 4 was a winner! (All tricks about 18Kb). Offer closed 30th March 1997.
Trick 1 Trick 2 Trick 3 Trick 4 Trick 5 Trick 6 Trick 7 Trick 8 Trick 9 Trick 10 Trick 11 Trick 12 (Trick 13?) Trick 14 (Trick 15?) Trick 16
Click to enlarge TB0126... (25KB) Disney tie-up: competition to win one of 100 trips to Disneyland, Paris for it's 5th Birthday.
Click to enlarge TB0134... (25KB) Special offer: £0.25 (normally about £0.30).
Click to enlarge TB0140... (25KB) Best Before date is on base (presumably easier to print since it doesn't have to line up with anything).
Click to enlarge TB0144... (24KB) Determined to ensnare kids into a lifelong chocolate habit, now Smarties are only £0.20
Click to enlarge TB0148a... (25KB) The kids cartoon TV channel "Nickelodeon" offered four plastic figurines featuring "Rug Rats" from the TV series of the same name. Some of the smarties are printed.
Click to enlarge TB0148b... (25KB) Eight special red barcodes for each figure, or Thirty plus £2.30 for a Nickelodean Backpack.
Click to enlarge TB0148c... (25KB) Figures each 6cm in height. Backpack size 35cm x 25cm. Offer close date: 31/03/1999
Click to enlarge TB0148d... (25KB) Rug rats to choose from: Chuckie, Angelica, Tommy and Spike.
Click to enlarge TB0156... (21KB) Another corporate tie up, this time with Sony - a competition to win one of 100 Sony Playstations, or 1 of 1000 Smarties Bubble Watches.   Ends:31/10/1999
Click to enlarge TB0157... (23KB) Disney promotion for film "It's a Bugs Life", including dark purple pinaple flavour sweets- or "Bug Flavour", they claimed (tasted really foul!). Several Nestlés products banded together to offer a "Stunt Kite" for £4.99+ postage. Ends:31/03/2000.
Click to enlarge TB0161... (23KB) "Summer Sweeties" promotion, 1999. Priced at £0.25
Click to enlarge TB0163... (25KB) A new "Orange Smarties" promotion for 1999 (see also TB106 above)
Click to enlarge TB0167... (23KB) "Price Breakers" promotion, Feb 2000.    Priced at £0.25
Click to enlarge Football Tube... (23KB) "Football" promotion, April 2000.Each tube contains coloured Smarties to make up one set of F.A. Premiership Team colours in each pack. Packs may also contain smartie "footballs". See the U.K. Lids page for information on the limited edition lids.
Click to enlarge Cola Tube... (21KB) "Cola Flavour" promotion, June 2000. The smarties are all red or brown and actually DO taste of cola; perhaps not the BEST tasting cola you can get, but a tatse you CAN aquire with practice.   Silver letter lids too!
Click to enlarge Dinosaur tube... (26KB) Disney's "Dinosaur" promotion, August 2000. This time the smarties appear in three lovely primal colours: khahi green, bright green and silver.   The lids are in Silver (as Cola tubes, above), Light Metalic Green and Dark Metalic Green.
(In 2002 smarties was given another new look tube with a more funky design which can been seen on the left)
This is a Standard tube from 2005, Many thanks to Liz Stuart for supplying this picture.


Smartians: they glow in the dark!  But would YOU want to wake up next to one?  Of COURSE you would!
(Many thanks to Roz Aldridge)
smartian_yoz.gif (11156 bytes)
Smartian "Yoz"
Smartian Smorg
Smartian "Smorg"
Smartian Babok
Smartian "Yoz"
Smartian Zock
Smartian "Zock"
Question: How many eyes does Smorg have?   WRONG!   He has another one at the back! (so does Yoz)
Read the cartoon scanned in for me by Paul Evans: front back


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