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170 Gram Tubes

These tubes are 240mm long by 40mm in diameter.   The images are all scanned at 2.5 pixels per millimeter.   SmartieScope is NOT available for this page, since the tubes are shown life sized as it is ... you want more?

HH225 from Christmas 1990
tb_hh225.gif (32396 bytes)
TB0076 from Christmas 1992
tb0076.gif (35975 bytes)
TB0097 from Christmas 1994
tb0097.gif (31864 bytes)
TB0112 from Christmas 1996
tb0112.gif (41660 bytes)
TB0145 from Christmas 1998
tb0145.gif (39760 bytes)
Smarties Mini Eggs tube (ID number unknown) from Easter 1997
tb_minieggs.gif (41175 bytes)