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ClassAxe Multimedia produced its first commercial web site back in 1997. Since then, the company has developed web sites and sophisticated web-based applications for many customers, both here in Canada, and overseas.

All web sites fall into two basic classifications:

A Quick History Lesson...

The first sites on the web had static manually-created pages that didn't change once created. Dynamic sites with 'live' content were costly to develop, requiring coding languages such as C and C++.

Web Scripting languages such as Perl, PHP and ASP emerged providing much quicker and more cost-effective methods of coding dynamic web sites that changed in response to external stimulus such as database contents or news-feeds.

Since a web page can be designed that works well on just about any kind of computer, developers started producing new web-based 'Front Ends' for existing legacy systems to allow access to information and services regardless of platform in use, and without the cost and expense of installing specialised software on every machine requiring acces to such services.

Further development along this line led to the development of web-based Portals bringing many separate systems together into a single page layout - a process know as 'aggregation'.

Back to the plot...

ClassAxe Multimedia can work with you to produce lavish static web sites for information about your company or product range, build complex workflow applications and e-commerce solutions, or provide a mix of static and dynamic pages to suit your needs. Please click on the sub-menu items to the left to see actual working examples of a few of the commercial systems we have developed for customers.

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