Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    201-BV 'Dewie'  Bartlesville
(lat:36.8542, lon:-96.0417) 203-AVK Alva
(lat:36.7708, lon:-98.7083) 212-BCY 'Thorp'  Boise City
(lat:36.7708, lon:-102.542) 215-BFK Buffalo
(lat:36.8542, lon:-99.625) 215-TQH Tahlequah
(lat:35.9375, lon:-95.0417) 241-EZY Elk City
(lat:35.4375, lon:-99.375) 242-CUH Cushing
(lat:35.8958, lon:-96.7917) 246-FAU Fairview
(lat:36.2708, lon:-98.4583) 251-TZO Bristow
(lat:35.7708, lon:-96.4583) 255-SW 'Blaki'  Stillwater
(lat:36.2292, lon:-97.125) 260-OUN Norman
(lat:35.2292, lon:-97.4583) 264-HN 'Suybe'  Shawnee
(lat:35.4375, lon:-96.9583) 267-HET Henryetta
(lat:35.3958, lon:-96.0417) 271-IBO Idabel
(lat:33.8958, lon:-94.875) 272-OJA Weatherford
(lat:35.5208, lon:-98.7083) 275-GUY Guymon
(lat:36.6875, lon:-101.542) 284-AUV 'Arbuckle'  Ardmore
(lat:34.1458, lon:-97.125) 290-OLR Chickasha
(lat:35.1042, lon:-97.9583) 299-#866 Sallisaw
(lat:35.3542, lon:-94.7917) 306-MKO Muskogee
(lat:35.6042, lon:-95.2917) 308-PFL 'Post'  Fort Sill
(lat:34.6042, lon:-98.375) 314-GGU Prague
(lat:35.5208, lon:-96.7083) 320-CLK Clinton
(lat:35.5208, lon:-98.9583) 323-HHW Hugo
(lat:34.0208, lon:-95.5417) 326-LCY Logan County
(lat:35.8542, lon:-97.375) 329-OWU 'West Woodward'  Woodward
(lat:36.4375, lon:-99.5417) 335-RQO El Reno
(lat:35.4792, lon:-98.0417) 338-TU 'Oillr'  Tulsa
(lat:36.1042, lon:-95.875) 341-EI 'Garfy'  Enid
(lat:36.2708, lon:-97.7917) 344-ML 'Wampa'  Mc Alester
(lat:34.8125, lon:-95.7917) 350-RG 'Gally'  Oklahoma City
(lat:35.3125, lon:-97.625) 359-DUA Durant
(lat:33.9375, lon:-96.375) 359-JWG Watonga
(lat:35.8542, lon:-98.4583) 362-OWP 'William Pogue'  Sand Springs
(lat:36.1875, lon:-96.125) 375-DW 'Owaso'  Tulsa
(lat:36.3125, lon:-95.875) 384-PVJ Pauls Valley
(lat:34.7292, lon:-97.2083) 388-OFZ 'Trail'  Fort Sill
(lat:34.7708, lon:-98.375) 388-OK 'Preso'  Preston  (Okmulgee)
(lat:35.7708, lon:-95.9583) 391-AEE Antlers
(lat:34.1875, lon:-95.625) 393-BZ 'Fossi'  Clinton
(lat:35.4375, lon:-99.2083) 396-CQB 'Tilghman'  Chandler
(lat:35.7292, lon:-96.7917) 400-AI 'Addmo'  Ardmore
(lat:34.2292, lon:-96.9583) 406-OK 'Tuloo'  Tulakes
(lat:35.4792, lon:-97.625) 411-HDL Holdenville
(lat:35.1042, lon:-96.375) 512-HMY 'Muldrow'  Lexington
(lat:35.0208, lon:-97.2083) 515-PN 'Ponca'  Ponca City
(lat:36.8125, lon:-97.125) 520-IQS Sallisaw
(lat:35.3958, lon:-94.7917) 222-FDR Frederick
(lat:34.3542, lon:-98.9583) 28217-WB9VMY Calumet
(lat:35.4792, lon:-97.5417) 278-SRE Seminole
(lat:35.2708, lon:-96.7083) 284-MDF Mooreland
(lat:36.4792, lon:-99.2083) 241-ECY Elk City
(lat:35.4375, lon:-99.375) 137.775-XDW Bartlesville
(lat:36.6875, lon:-95.9583) 371-XED Medford (Municipal)
(lat:36.8125, lon:-97.7917) 263-HET Henryetta
(lat:, lon:) 425-PFL Fort Sill
(lat:34.6042, lon:-98.375) 185.3-COV S. Coffeyville
(lat:36.9792, lon:-95.625) 185.3-UWL Edmond
(lat:, lon:) 370-OUN Norman
(lat:35.2292, lon:-97.4583) 185.3-XDW Bartlesville
(lat:, lon:) 28266.5-W5DJT Pocola
(lat:35.2708, lon:-94.4583) 474.2-WG2XXM Shawnee
(lat:35.3958, lon:-97.0417) 50066-W5GPM Bartlesville
(lat:36.7292, lon:-95.9583) 28253-WB2OZE Tulsa
(lat:36.0208, lon:-95.875) 475.7-WG2XXM Oklahoma City
(lat:35.3958, lon:-97.0417) 28256-WI5V Oklahoma City
(lat:35.3542, lon:-97.5417) 28289-WB5DXZ Oklahoma City
(lat:35.4375, lon:-97.4583) 475.7-K5DNL 
(lat:35.3958, lon:-97.0417)