Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    220-IHM Mansfield
(lat:42.0208, lon:-71.2083) 227-TAN Taunton
(lat:41.8958, lon:-71.0417) 230-BA 'Wesie' Westfield
(lat:42.2292, lon:-72.7083) 257-FFF Plymouth
(lat:41.8542, lon:-70.7917) 269-TOF 'Topsfield'  Beverly
(lat:42.6042, lon:-70.9583) 279-CQX 'Nauset'  Chatham
(lat:41.6875, lon:-69.9583) 306-#772 Acushnet
(lat:41.7292, lon:-70.875) 332-BE 'Bedds'  Bedford
(lat:42.4792, lon:-71.375) 346-LI 'Hullz'  Boston
(lat:42.3125, lon:-70.9583) 362-FMH 'Otis'  Falmouth
(lat:41.7292, lon:-70.4583) 365-FIT Fitchburg
(lat:42.5625, lon:-71.7917) 368-IMR Marshfield
(lat:42.1042, lon:-70.7083) 370-DXT Dalton
(lat:42.4792, lon:-73.2083) 375-BO 'Miltt'  Boston
(lat:42.2708, lon:-71.0417) 382-LQ 'Lyndy'  Boston
(lat:42.4375, lon:-70.9583) 389-PVC Provincetown
(lat:42.0625, lon:-70.2083) 395-GBR Great Barrington
(lat:42.1875, lon:-73.375) 397-OW 'Stoge'  Norwood
(lat:42.1042, lon:-71.125) 402-LW 'Haget'  Lawrence
(lat:42.6458, lon:-71.2083) 417-EK 'Gozzr'  Worchester
(lat:42.2708, lon:-71.7083) 194-TUK Nantucket
(lat:41.2708, lon:-70.2083) 518-$04F Boston (Cape Cod)
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 205-ORE Orange
(lat:42.5625, lon:-72.2917) 248-AC 'Waivs'  Nantucket
(lat:41.3125, lon:-69.9583) 251-SKR 'Shaker Hill'  Beford
(lat:42.4375, lon:-71.2083) 342-HY 'Bogey'  Hyannis
(lat:48.7292, lon:-70.2083) 185.3-WA Andover
(lat:42.6042, lon:-71.125) 185.3-TAG Holden
(lat:42.3542, lon:-71.875) 279-RS 'Dunca' North Brookfield
(lat:42.2708, lon:-72.0417) 274-EW Nefor
(lat:41.6042, lon:-71.0417) 505.35-WD2XSH/17 Marshfield
(lat:, lon:) 137.7-XGJ Lowfer
(lat:42.3542, lon:-71.375) 505.8-WE2XGR/1 Weyland
(lat:, lon:) 362-FM Falmouth 'OTIS'
(lat:41.7292, lon:-70.4583) 137-XES Holden
(lat:42.3125, lon:-71.7917) 508.5-WE2XGR/ Worcester
(lat:42.3125, lon:-71.7917) 509.6-WD2XSH/37 
(lat:, lon:) 8416.5-$04F Boston (Cape Cod)
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 12579-$04F Boston (Cape Cod)
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 6314-$04F Boston (Cape Cod )
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 16806.5-$04F Boston (Cape Cod)
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 6340.5-NMF USCG Boston
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 9110-NMF USCG Boston
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 12750-NMF USCG Boston
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 4235-NMF USCG Boston
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417) 28289.5-N1KXR Medway
(lat:42.3125, lon:-72.7083) 28243-KB1QZY Springfield
(lat:42.1042, lon:-72.625) 28203-KB1QZY West Springfield
(lat:42.1042, lon:-72.625) 137.5-WD2XES Worcester
(lat:42.3125, lon:-71.7917) 137.5-WD2XNS Duxbury / Marshfield
(lat:42.0625, lon:-70.7083) 475.7-WE2XGR/2 Duxbury / Marshfield
(lat:42.0625, lon:-70.7083) 137.5-WD2XGJ Tower Hill
(lat:42.3542, lon:-71.375) 482-WG2XSB Stowe
(lat:42.4375, lon:-71.5417) 50063.5-K1MS Littleton
(lat:42.5208, lon:-71.5417) 185.3-WH2XIL Wayland
(lat:, lon:) 137.7-WH2XIL 
(lat:42.3542, lon:-71.375) 1725-WH2XDE/3 Wayland
(lat:42.3542, lon:-71.375) 1750-WH2XDE/3 Weyland
(lat:42.3542, lon:-71.375) 475.65-WE2XGR/3 Worcester
(lat:42.3125, lon:-71.7917) 475.7-WD2XSH/17 Mashfield
(lat:42.0625, lon:-70.7083) 475.7-AA1A Marshfield
(lat:42.0625, lon:-70.7083) 475.7-W1XP Groton
(lat:42.6042, lon:-71.5417) 4209.5-$04F Boston (Cape Cod)
(lat:41.6458, lon:-70.5417)