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About our server costs

This service is offered guilt-free and without any form of advertising as a gift to those who enjoy the hobby (art?) of NDB Listening.
I am incredibly grateful to our site administrators who give their time, and to listeners provide their logs for free.
Without those freewill contributions this system would not be able to continue operating.

However, for the developer of this system there are additionals cost to bear in terms of equipment and server-room rackspace costs.

DL38-G5 server hosting RXX system
HP / Compaq DL380-G5 used to host RXX system

Donate Via Paypal:

The Paypal button below is offered exclusively to those who specifically wish to offer financial support to offset some of these costs.

Please note that donations of under $0.40 or so will be swallowed up in Paypal's admin costs (hey, they have to eat as well you know!),
so go wild and pledge a dollar or more if you want your donation to actually reach me :-)

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Donate By Mail

For those of you who would rather mail a cheque, could you please make it out to 'ClassAxe Multimedia Inc.', and send it to the following address:

ClassAxe Multimedia Inc.
c/o: 264 Conestoga Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON
L4C 2H2, Canada

Sincere thanks to you for visiting and using this site, and whether you choose to donate to its upkeep or not, please be blessed by it - you are the reason this site even exists.

Respectfully yours,
Martin Francis

(August 23rd, 2013)