Signals Received Worldwide


CLE 239 Seek Lists and Signal Lists

Tuesday 25th December 2018 to Wednesday 2nd January 2019 Starts at midday on Christmas Day and ends at midday on Wednesday 2nd January, your local time.

NDBs with nominal (published) frequencies in the range 190 - 1740 kHz.

Additional Info:

Build a 'PYRAMID' by logging 10 different NDBs from a radio country at the base of the pyramid, 9 NDBs from a different country, 8 NDBs from a third, etc. - - - all the way to 2 NDBs from a different ninth country at the top of the pyramid.

Finally, your pyramid needs an antenna!

This should be as tall as the base is wide, consisting of 1 NDB from each of 10 further different radio countries.
If you like you can choose to make your pyramid larger or smaller, but the same rules will apply.

Here is an imaginary example, maybe for a listener in British Columbia (BC). Each B is a different Beacon:

           B      BAH  1 ndb
           B      AZ   1 ndb
           B      NE   1 ndb
           B      IA   1 ndb
           B      NT   1 ndb
           B      CA   1 ndb
           B      CO   1 ndb
           B      NC   1 ndb
           B      AZ   1 ndb
          B B      HWA  2 ndbs
         B B B      OR   3 ndbs
        B B B B      MB   4 ndbs
       B B B B B      WA   5 ndbs
      B B B B B B      MT   6 ndbs
     B B B B B B B      SK   7 ndbs
    B B B B B B B B      ALS  8 ndbs
   B B B B B B B B B      BC   9 ndbs
  B B B B B B B B B B      AB   10 ndbs

NB: It must be a DIFFERENT radio country at every level, NO WRONG COUNT at any level in the pyramid, and the SAME number of countries in the AERIAL and in the BASE.

For full details, please see the Final Details email from NDB List (also copied at the Website:

| Days: Tuesday 25 Dec. to Wed. 2 Jan.
| Times: Midday - Midday, your LOCAL Time
/ \ Frequencies: 190 - 1740 kHz
/ \ Beacons: Normal NDBs (not DGPS, Navtex, Amateur or UNID)
/ \