Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    206-PWT 'Kitsap'  Bremerton National Airport
(lat:47.4792, lon:-122.792) 216-DPY Deer Park
(lat:47.9792, lon:-117.458) 216-GR 'Graye'  Fort Lewis  (Tacoma)
(lat:47.1458, lon:-122.625) 219-OMK Omak
(lat:48.4375, lon:-119.542) 224-ODD 'Dondo'  Seattle
(lat:47.3542, lon:-122.292) 236-HQ 'Abern'  Hoquiam
(lat:46.9792, lon:-123.792) 240-BVS 'Skagit / Bay View'  Burlington / Mt Vernon
(lat:48.4792, lon:-122.458) 28285-W7IEW Olympia
(lat:47.1042, lon:-122.958) 28201-N7UTB Sequim
(lat:48.1458, lon:-123.208) 256-LSO Kelso
(lat:46.1458, lon:-122.875) 260-RL 'Riboo'  Richland
(lat:46.3542, lon:-119.292) 274-CAN 'Carney'  Bremerton
(lat:47.3958, lon:-122.875) 281-SZ 'Parkk'  Seattle
(lat:47.5208, lon:-122.292) 284-FHR Friday Harbor
(lat:48.5208, lon:-123.042) 300-#871 Appleton
(lat:45.7708, lon:-120.708) 316-#848 Killarney Lake  (Spokane)
(lat:47.5208, lon:-117.458) 317-K 'Ediz Hook'  Port Angeles
(lat:48.1458, lon:-123.375) 323-#887 Robinson Point
(lat:47.3958, lon:-121.625) 328-LAC 'Lacomas'  Fort Lewis
(lat:47.0208, lon:-122.542) 331-PS 'Dunez'  Pasco
(lat:46.3542, lon:-119.042) 338-BL 'Benza'  Bellingham
(lat:48.8958, lon:-122.542) 348-MNC 'Mason Co'  Shelton
(lat:47.2292, lon:-123.125) 353-AL 'Trina'  Walla Walla
(lat:46.1875, lon:-118.208) 353-RNT Renton
(lat:47.4792, lon:-122.208) 356-OPZ Lopez Island
(lat:48.4792, lon:-122.958) 362-BF 'Nolla'  Seattle
(lat:47.6458, lon:-122.375) 365-SFF 'Felts'  Spokane
(lat:47.6875, lon:-117.292) 371-YK 'Donny'  Yakima
(lat:46.5208, lon:-120.375) 382-AW 'Waton'  Arlington
(lat:48.0625, lon:-122.125) 388-GE 'Phort'  Spokane
(lat:47.6875, lon:-117.458) 396-PA 'Ritts'  Everett
(lat:48.0625, lon:-122.292) 408-MW 'Pelly'  Moses Lake
(lat:47.1042, lon:-119.292) 515-CL 'Elwha'  Port Angeles
(lat:48.1458, lon:-123.708) 28225-KW7Y Marysville
(lat:48.1458, lon:-122.458) 28264.5-K7NWS Seattle
(lat:47.4375, lon:-122.375) 28277-WB7RBN Benton City
(lat:46.2708, lon:-119.292) 302-#888 Whidbey Island
(lat:48.3125, lon:-122.708) 391-EBY Neah Bay
(lat:48.3542, lon:-124.542) 288-P Cape Flattery
(lat:48.3958, lon:-124.708) 288-JI James Island Light Station
(lat:47.8958, lon:-124.625) 414-HQ 'Abern' Hoquiam
(lat:46.9792, lon:-123.792) 407-NUW Whidbey Island NAS (Ault)
(lat:48.3542, lon:-122.708) 520-BF Seattle (Boeing Field)
(lat:47.6458, lon:-122.375) 24.8-NLK Jim Creek / Washington
(lat:0, lon:0) 500-KLB Radio Silvana
(lat:48.1875, lon:-122.292) 365-DPY Deer Park
(lat:47.9792, lon:-117.458) 388-CRK 'Phort' Spokane
(lat:47.6875, lon:-117.458) 338-NOW 'Ediz Hook' Port Angeles
(lat:48.1458, lon:-123.375) 216-GRF Graye AAF (Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord) Airport
(lat:47.1458, lon:-122.625) 12590.5-KLB Radio Silvana
(lat:48.1875, lon:-122.208) 28237.5-K7ZSA Alger
(lat:48.6042, lon:-122.292) 13174.5-KKL Republic Radio
(lat:47.3542, lon:-122.458) 28249.5-K7EK Graham
(lat:47.0625, lon:-122.375) 6318-KLB Radio Silvana
(lat:48.1875, lon:-122.208) 28207.3-KW7HR Prosser
(lat:46.2708, lon:-119.125) 28230.8-W7PFR Mineral
(lat:46.8125, lon:-122.208) 28277.8-W7UUU University Place
(lat:47.2292, lon:-122.542) 28298.5-K7FL Battle Ground
(lat:45.7708, lon:-122.458) 28201-AC7AV Whidbey Isl. / Oak Harbor
(lat:48.2292, lon:-122.625) 50075-W7PFR Mineral
(lat:46.5, lon:-123) 474.2-WH2XGP Quincy
(lat:, lon:) 475.475-WG2XSV Vancouver
(lat:45.6875, lon:-122.542) 475.6-WH2XGP Quincy
(lat:47.2708, lon:-119.708) 28207.3-NM7L Richland
(lat:46.3125, lon:-119.292) 473.8-WI2XJQ/B Edmonds
(lat:47.7708, lon:-122.375)