Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    223-DA 'Davee'  Fort Belvoir
(lat:38.6458, lon:-77.125) 226-FAF 'Felker'  Fort Eustis
(lat:37.1458, lon:-76.625) 233-EY 'Chesi'  Chesapeake
(lat:36.6042, lon:-76.375) 236-VJ 'Whine'  Abingdon
(lat:36.7292, lon:-81.9583) 237-EZF 'Shannon'  Fredericksburg
(lat:38.2708, lon:-77.4583) 241-PVG 'Portsmouth'   Norfolk
(lat:36.7708, lon:-76.4583) 241-VBW Bridgewater
(lat:38.3542, lon:-78.9583) 245-LUA 'Caverns'  Luray
(lat:38.6875, lon:-78.4583) 249-RK 'Waley'  Suffolk
(lat:36.6042, lon:-76.625) 252-CJR Culpeper
(lat:38.5208, lon:-77.875) 261-ELQ Emporia
(lat:36.6042, lon:-77.4583) 265-XPZ 'Winchester / Frogtown'  Cold Mountain
(lat:39.0625, lon:-77.875) 269-HLX 'Hillsville'  Galax Hillsville
(lat:36.7708, lon:-80.7917) 274-AKQ Wakefield
(lat:36.9792, lon:-77.0417) 280-LJK 'Ashey'  Ashland
(lat:37.7708, lon:-77.4583) 284-PTB Petersburg
(lat:37.1458, lon:-77.5417) 289-#806 Driver
(lat:36.9375, lon:-76.5417) 323-GTN Georgetown
(lat:38.9375, lon:-77.125) 326-BKT Blackstone
(lat:37.1458, lon:-78.0417) 329-OR 'Ingle'  Norfolk
(lat:36.8542, lon:-76.2917) 335-MK 'Suzze'  Marion
(lat:36.9375, lon:-81.2083) 336-AZS 'Azalea Park'  Charlottesville
(lat:38.0208, lon:-78.5417) 336-BDB 'Accomack'  Melfa
(lat:37.5625, lon:-75.7917) 342-CXE Chase City
(lat:36.7708, lon:-78.5417) 346-IA 'Tille'  Chantilly
(lat:38.8542, lon:-77.4583) 364-TZ 'Cogan'  Winchester
(lat:39.1042, lon:-78.0417) 367-FVX Farmville
(lat:37.3542, lon:-78.4583) 368-TEC 'Tech'  Blacksburg
(lat:37.1875, lon:-80.375) 373-AEA 'Jones'  South Hill
(lat:36.6042, lon:-78.0417) 375-PJS 'Henry'  Newport News
(lat:37.1458, lon:-76.4583) 375-SH 'Staut'  Staunton / Waynesboro / Harrisonburg
(lat:38.1875, lon:-78.9583) 382-IQK Louisa
(lat:38.0208, lon:-77.875) 392-CF 'Pubbs'  Chesterfield
(lat:37.3125, lon:-77.4583) 396-APH Fort A P Hill
(lat:38.1042, lon:-77.2917) 396-UV 'Bales'  Martinsville
(lat:36.6042, lon:-79.9583) 428-COG Orange
(lat:38.2292, lon:-78.125) 227-RJD 
(lat:38.9792, lon:-75.875) 375-AV Macklenberg
(lat:, lon:) 28260-KA1NSV/4 Green Bay
(lat:37.1458, lon:-78.2917) 518-$04N Portsmouth
(lat:36.7292, lon:-76.0417) 379-CNQ 'Callahan'  Roanoke
(lat:37.2708, lon:-80.125) 385-LY 'Bojar'  Evington
(lat:37.2708, lon:-79.2083) 388-MFV Melfa
(lat:37.6458, lon:-75.7917) 313-#821 C3CEN Test facility - Portsmouth
(lat:36.8958, lon:-76.375) 351-MSQ Culpeper
(lat:38.4375, lon:-77.875) 277-VIT Vinton
(lat:37.1875, lon:-79.875) 505-NEED Ft. Eustis
(lat:37.1458, lon:-76.5417) 497-WD2XSH/31 Forest
(lat:, lon:) 508.7-WD2XSH/31 Rutland
(lat:, lon:) 6501-NMN USCG Camslant Portsmouth
(lat:36.5625, lon:-76.0417) 8764-NMN USCG Portsmouth
(lat:36.5625, lon:-76.0417) 13089-NMN USCG Portsmouth
(lat:36.5625, lon:-76.0417) 28231-WA4FC Prince George
(lat:37.1458, lon:-77.375) 28240.5-W4RKC Winchester
(lat:39.1875, lon:-78.125) 28203-KA3BWP Stafford
(lat:38.4375, lon:-77.4583) 28260.5-N4TJQ Nanassas
(lat:38.7708, lon:-77.4583) 472.5-WF9XIH Forest
(lat:37.3542, lon:-79.2917) 477.9-WD2XSH/31 Rutland (Forest)
(lat:43.6042, lon:-73.0417) 28234-K4DP Covington
(lat:37.7292, lon:-79.9583) 28245-W1IE Bedford
(lat:37.3125, lon:-79.5417) 50078-WA4FC Carson
(lat:37.1875, lon:-77.5417) 4426-NMN USCG Camslant Portsmouth
(lat:36.5625, lon:-76.0417) 17314-NMN USCG Camslant Portsmouth
(lat:36.7292, lon:-76.0417) 28224.8-W1IE BEDFORD
(lat:37.3125, lon:-79.5417) 28218.9-KA4RRU CATLETT
(lat:39.5, lon:-77) 471-.85   WA1ZMS FOREST
(lat:37.3958, lon:-79.2083) 136.28-WA1ZMS Forest
(lat:37.3958, lon:-79.2083)