Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    220-DCM Chester
(lat:34.7708, lon:-81.2083) 221-RBW Walterboro
(lat:32.9375, lon:-80.625) 226-OYI Orangeburg
(lat:33.4375, lon:-80.875) 227-UZ 'Rally'  Rock Hill
(lat:34.8958, lon:-81.0417) 230-AND 'Anderson Co'  Anderson
(lat:34.4792, lon:-82.7083) 230-BES Bennettsville
(lat:34.6042, lon:-79.7083) 239-GIW 'Coronaca'  Greenwood
(lat:34.2708, lon:-82.125) 242-GGE Georgetown
(lat:33.3125, lon:-79.2917) 245-UDG Darlington
(lat:34.4375, lon:-79.875) 248-FRT 'Fairmont'  Spartanburg
(lat:34.8958, lon:-81.9583) 252-SMS Sumter
(lat:33.9792, lon:-80.375) 255-PHH Andrews
(lat:33.4375, lon:-79.5417) 257-CEU Clemson
(lat:34.6875, lon:-82.875) 260-BNL Barnwell
(lat:33.2708, lon:-81.375) 263-CDN Camden
(lat:34.2708, lon:-80.5417) 270-PYG Pageland
(lat:34.7292, lon:-80.375) 274-DLC Dillon
(lat:34.4375, lon:-79.375) 278-EOE 'Enoree'  Newberry
(lat:34.3125, lon:-81.625) 283-JZI 'Johns Island'  Charleston
(lat:32.6875, lon:-80.0417) 287-GS Greer
(lat:34.8125, lon:-82.2917) 292-#778 Kensington
(lat:33.4792, lon:-79.375) 298-#808 Sullivans Island  (Charleston)
(lat:32.7708, lon:-79.875) 307-LUX Laurens
(lat:34.5208, lon:-81.9583) 326-UOT 'Union County'  Union
(lat:34.6875, lon:-81.625) 329-CH 'Ashly'  Charleston
(lat:32.9792, lon:-80.125) 335-FL 'Alcot'  Florence
(lat:34.1875, lon:-79.875) 338-GY 'Dyana'  Greenville
(lat:34.6875, lon:-82.4583) 341-HVS Hartsville
(lat:34.3958, lon:-80.125) 347-AIK Aiken
(lat:33.6458, lon:-81.7083) 474.2-WH2XZO Inman
(lat:35.0625, lon:-82.125) 354-MKS Moncks Corner
(lat:33.1875, lon:-80.0417) 362-CA 'Murry'  Columbia
(lat:33.9792, lon:-81.2083) 365-DYB 'Dorchester Co'  Summerville
(lat:33.0625, lon:-80.2917) 370-HYW 'Horry'  Conway
(lat:33.8125, lon:-79.125) 381-MNI Manning
(lat:33.6042, lon:-80.2083) 388-MAO Marion
(lat:34.1875, lon:-79.2917) 400-LKR Lancaster
(lat:34.7292, lon:-80.875) 404-CKI Kingstree
(lat:33.7292, lon:-79.875) 408-LQK 'Lake Keowee'  Pickins
(lat:34.8125, lon:-82.7083) 409-CQW Cheraw
(lat:34.7292, lon:-79.875) 414-FDW Winnsboro
(lat:34.3125, lon:-81.125) 420-CFY 'Evans'  Lake City
(lat:33.8542, lon:-79.7917) 427-MMT 'Mc Entire'  Columbia
(lat:33.9375, lon:-80.7917) 521-GM 'Judky'  Greenville
(lat:34.7708, lon:-82.375) 518-$04E Charleston
(lat:32.8542, lon:-79.9583) 392-BKO Barnwell
(lat:33.3542, lon:-81.4583) 28293-ND4Z Gilbert
(lat:33.9375, lon:-81.375) 267-CR Myrtle Beach, Calab
(lat:33.8958, lon:-78.625) 396-BKO Barnwell
(lat:33.3542, lon:-81.4583) 28275.5-KG4GVV Summerville
(lat:33.0208, lon:-80.125) 28280.5-KE4IFI Lexington
(lat:33.8958, lon:-81.2083) 28235-KI4HOZ Pickens
(lat:34.9375, lon:-82.625) 28261.5-N4VBV Sumter
(lat:33.9375, lon:-80.375) 497-WG2XCT 
(lat:, lon:) 187.5-WI Aiken
(lat:33.5208, lon:-81.7083) 471.9-WG2XCA/9 Spartenburg
(lat:, lon:) 476.1-WG2XCT Spartanburg
(lat:34.9375, lon:-81.875) 137.77-WG2XLP Spartanburg
(lat:34.9375, lon:-81.875) 28219.5-K4AXV Georgetown
(lat:33.4792, lon:-79.2917) 473-WG2XKA/9 Spartenburg
(lat:, lon:) 28267-KK4XO Elgin
(lat:34.1875, lon:-80.875) 475.7-K4LY Inman
(lat:35.0625, lon:-82.125) 181.82-JH Spartanburg
(lat:, lon:)