Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    204-MD 'Enola'  Harrisburg
(lat:40.2292, lon:-76.875) 208-UKT Quakertown
(lat:40.4375, lon:-75.2917) 209-SYS 'Stoystown'  Somerset
(lat:40.1042, lon:-78.875) 254-EUD York
(lat:39.9375, lon:-76.875) 255-PNU 'Washington Co'  Washington
(lat:40.1458, lon:-80.125) 258-ORJ Corry
(lat:41.8958, lon:-79.625) 272-UCP 'Castle'  New Castle
(lat:41.0208, lon:-80.375) 275-ING Ambler
(lat:40.1458, lon:-75.2917) 287-MKP Mckeesport
(lat:40.3542, lon:-79.7917) 291-#788 Hawk Run
(lat:40.8958, lon:-78.2083) 28224.5-WA3RNC Lewistown
(lat:40.6042, lon:-77.5417) 328-BZJ 'Bellgrove'  Indiantown Gap
(lat:40.4375, lon:-76.5417) 339-LQX 'Carbon'  Lehighton
(lat:40.8125, lon:-75.7917) 344-PIX Picture Rocks
(lat:41.2708, lon:-76.7083) 349-ER 'Esmer'  Erie
(lat:42.0208, lon:-80.2917) 372-CQD 'Cascade'  Erie
(lat:42.1042, lon:-80.125) 382-BHU 'Benje'  Latrobe
(lat:40.3958, lon:-79.2917) 388-NXX Willow Grove
(lat:40.1875, lon:-75.125) 388-UN 'Penue'  State College
(lat:40.8958, lon:-77.7083) 407-RV 'Stroh'  Reedsville
(lat:40.6042, lon:-77.7083) 299-VV 'CAMOR' Uniontown
(lat:39.8958, lon:-79.7083) 224-BF 
(lat:41.7708, lon:-78.5417) 237-DYL Doylestown
(lat:40.3542, lon:-75.125) 260-XCB Carlisle
(lat:42.6875, lon:-91.9583) 264-PT Pottstown / Googl
(lat:40.2292, lon:-75.4583) 28201-N3PFF Muncy Antron
(lat:41.1875, lon:-76.7917) 28205-KB3BOE Ridgeway
(lat:41.4375, lon:-78.7083) 28204.5-N3NIA Ridgeway
(lat:41.4375, lon:-78.7083) 28216.4-N3FTI Reading
(lat:40.3958, lon:-75.9583) 28241.6-KB3FYD Camp Hill
(lat:40.5, lon:-77) 28269.5-W3HH Pittsburgh
(lat:40.5208, lon:-80.2083) 219-CX 'Latle'  Harrisburg
(lat:40.1875, lon:-77.0417) 28250-W3ATV Trevose
(lat:40.5, lon:-75) 50079-W3CCX Philadelphia
(lat:39.9375, lon:-75.2083) 28291.3-K3NG Lehighton
(lat:40.8958, lon:-75.625) 356-RD 'Shapp'  Reading
(lat:40.3125, lon:-75.9583) 400-AB 'Leehi'  Allentown
(lat:40.6042, lon:-75.5417) 410-CYE 'Crystal Lake'  Wilkes-Barre
(lat:41.2292, lon:-75.7917) 28204-WA3SNS Wattburg
(lat:42.0208, lon:-79.7917) 275-PS 'Ports' Lanse
(lat:40.9792, lon:-78.125) 257-AV 'BARTY' Wilke Barre
(lat:41.2708, lon:-75.7917) 187.2-PBO Stroudsburg
(lat:41.0208, lon:-75.375) 28297.5-WA3BM Valencia
(lat:40.6875, lon:-78.4583) 28286.5-K3XR Sinking Spring
(lat:40.3125, lon:-76.0417) 28249.5-KA3JOE Bensalem
(lat:49.0625, lon:-74.9583) 28267-K3RDA Larksville
(lat:, lon:) 28261-NJ3T Somerset
(lat:39.9792, lon:-79.0417) 28203-K4MTP Tannersville
(lat:41.0208, lon:-74.375) 477.5-WD2XSH/46 East Brady
(lat:, lon:) 474.5-WG2XJM Saegertown
(lat:41.7292, lon:-80.125) 475.7-WG2XJM Saegertown
(lat:41.7292, lon:-80.125) 28284.5-WA3IIA Bloomsberg
(lat:41.0208, lon:-76.375) 28228.5-N3CJM Aston
(lat:39.8542, lon:-75.4583) 28253.5-N3BSQ Bethel Park
(lat:40.3125, lon:-80.0417) 28265-KJ3P SCHWENKSVILLE
(lat:40.2708, lon:-75.4583) 28231.3-N3TVV Jim Thorpe
(lat:0, lon:0) 28204.8-N3NET Catasauqua
(lat:, lon:) 28233-K3CSF Pittsburgh
(lat:40.3542, lon:-80.0417) 28240.5-KC8HZM Lansdale
(lat:40.2292, lon:-75.2917) 28287-KC8HZM Lansdale
(lat:40.2292, lon:-75.2917) 50075-NL7XB easton
(lat:40.6458, lon:-75.2917) 28287-KC8HZM/3 Lansdale
(lat:40.2292, lon:-75.2917) 476.5-WH2XHA Pittsburgh
(lat:, lon:) 28266-KB3ZI Bloomsburg
(lat:41.0208, lon:-76.4583) 28274.04-KC8HZM LANSDALE
(lat:40.2292, lon:-75.2917) 28262.05-KE3NN WALNUTPORT
(lat:40.7708, lon:-75.5417) 28239.5-WA3HGT MONTOURSVILLE
(lat:41.2708, lon:-76.9583) 477-WG2XJM Not reported
(lat:41.7292, lon:-80.125) 471-WG2XJM Saegertown
(lat:41.7292, lon:-80.125) 474.2-WH2XNG Doylestown
(lat:40.3125, lon:-75.125) 475.7-W3TS Halifax
(lat:40.4792, lon:-76.9583) 475.1-NO3M Saegertown
(lat:41.7292, lon:-80.0417) 475.7-W3SZ 
(lat:, lon:) 475.7-K3MF 
(lat:, lon:) 28270-WA3NFV Hatfield
(lat:40.3125, lon:-75.2917)