Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    201-MNN Marion
(lat:40.6042, lon:-83.0417) 205-CQA 'Lakefield'  Celina
(lat:40.4792, lon:-84.5417) 215-DLZ Delaware
(lat:40.2708, lon:-83.125) 219-TO 'Tophr'  Toledo
(lat:41.5625, lon:-83.9583) 223-CDI Cambridge
(lat:39.9792, lon:-81.5417) 223-MW 'Onida'  Franklin
(lat:39.5625, lon:-84.2917) 226-EZE 'Engel'  Cleveland
(lat:41.4792, lon:-81.7083) 230-BU 'Boutn'  Columbus
(lat:39.8125, lon:-83.2083) 233-PDR Ottawa
(lat:41.0208, lon:-83.9583) 236-RZT 'Ross Co.'  Chillicothe
(lat:39.4375, lon:-83.0417) 239-CFX Cadiz
(lat:40.2292, lon:-81.0417) 239-HKF 'Hook Field'  Middletown
(lat:39.4792, lon:-84.4583) 245-PWF 'Sportys'  Batavia
(lat:39.0625, lon:-84.2083) 246-DFI Defiance
(lat:41.3542, lon:-84.4583) 248-BF 'Tabey'  Cleveland
(lat:41.5625, lon:-81.5417) 250-UGS 'University'  Athens / Albany
(lat:39.2708, lon:-82.125) 253-DD 'Cobbs'  Columbus
(lat:39.7292, lon:-83.0417) 260-BYN Bryan
(lat:41.4792, lon:-84.4583) 263-LQL 'Lakeland'  Willoughby
(lat:41.6875, lon:-81.375) 269-TII Tiffin
(lat:41.1042, lon:-83.2083) 272-CB Columbus
(lat:40.0208, lon:-83.0417) 278-HOC Hillsboro
(lat:39.1875, lon:-83.5417) 282-OXD Oxford
(lat:39.5208, lon:-84.7917) 284-UYF London
(lat:39.9375, lon:-83.4583) 299-HW 'Cubla'  Wilmington
(lat:39.3542, lon:-83.875) 303-MRT Marysville
(lat:40.2292, lon:-83.375) 315-AT 'Bruny'  Dayton
(lat:39.8542, lon:-84.375) 334-BNR 'Benton Ridge'  Findlay
(lat:41.0208, lon:-83.625) 335-LUK Cincinnati
(lat:39.1458, lon:-84.375) 338-LH 'Caser'  Lancaster
(lat:39.7292, lon:-82.5417) 338-YN 'Fetch'  Youngstown / Warren
(lat:41.1875, lon:-80.625) 341-CCJ 'Clark Co'  Springfield
(lat:39.8542, lon:-83.7917) 344-CL 'Harri'  Cleveland
(lat:41.3542, lon:-81.9583) 348-DKG 'Don Scott'  Columbus
(lat:40.0625, lon:-83.0417) 356-VES Versailles
(lat:40.1875, lon:-84.5417) 359-AMT West Union
(lat:38.8542, lon:-83.5417) 362-AK Akron
(lat:41.0625, lon:-81.375) 362-LYL Lima
(lat:40.6875, lon:-84.0417) 366-CYO Circleville
(lat:39.5208, lon:-82.9583) 372-MF 'Manns'  Mansfield
(lat:40.7708, lon:-82.4583) 373-PMH Portsmouth
(lat:38.7708, lon:-82.875) 375-USE 'Fulton'  Wauseon
(lat:41.6042, lon:-84.125) 376-LC 'Pickl'  Columbus
(lat:39.8958, lon:-82.875) 379-FZI Fostoria
(lat:41.1875, lon:-83.375) 379-MDE 'Madeira'  Cincinnati
(lat:39.2292, lon:-84.375) 385-EOP 'Waverly' Pike County Airport
(lat:39.1875, lon:-82.9583) 388-ISZ 'Cincinnati-Blue Ash'  Cincinnati
(lat:39.2292, lon:-84.375) 391-CM 'Sumie'  Columbus
(lat:39.9792, lon:-82.7917) 395-TSO 'Tolson'  Carrollton
(lat:40.5625, lon:-81.0417) 395-XEN Xenia
(lat:39.7292, lon:-83.9583) 407-IL 'Airbo'  Wilmington
(lat:39.4792, lon:-83.7083) 408-HBD Hubbard
(lat:41.1458, lon:-80.5417) 411-VFU 'Stanley'  Van Wert
(lat:40.8542, lon:-84.625) 414-CSS 'Court House'  Washington Court House
(lat:39.6042, lon:-83.375) 416-BKL 'Burke Lakefront'  Cleveland
(lat:41.5208, lon:-81.625) 423-PCW Port Clinton
(lat:41.5208, lon:-82.875) 515-OS 'Fuler'  Columbus
(lat:40.0625, lon:-83.2083) 521-GF 'Hogaf'  Cleveland
(lat:41.5625, lon:-81.4583) 524-HEH Newark
(lat:40.0208, lon:-82.4583) 420-GAS Gallipolis
(lat:38.8125, lon:-82.125) 260-HAO Hamilton
(lat:39.3542, lon:-84.5417) 326-RUV Rushsylvania
(lat:40.4792, lon:-83.7083) 204-ZZV Zanesville
(lat:39.9375, lon:-81.875) 204-HRA Zanesville
(lat:39.8958, lon:-81.9583) 329-AAU Ashland
(lat:40.9792, lon:-82.2917) 350-SI Cincinnati
(lat:, lon:) 242-EDJ Bellefontaine
(lat:40.3542, lon:-83.7917) 28260-WB8KRN Lexington
(lat:40.6875, lon:-82.5417) 28264-AB8Z Parma
(lat:41.3958, lon:-81.7083) 28264-N8WLC Lexington
(lat:40.6875, lon:-82.5417) 263-UYF London
(lat:39.9375, lon:-83.4583) 403-MRT Marysville
(lat:40.2292, lon:-83.375) 28281-W8EH Middletown
(lat:39.4792, lon:-84.375) 272-CHC 'Grens'  Columbus
(lat:40.0208, lon:-83.0417) 385-EVO East Liverpool
(lat:40.6875, lon:-80.625) 332-LH Landcaster
(lat:39.7292, lon:-82.5417) 400-SLW Smithville
(lat:40.8958, lon:-81.7917) 28206.5-W8NGA Grove City
(lat:39.8958, lon:-83.125) 506.7-WD2XSH/29 Conneaut
(lat:, lon:) 28298-WZ8D Blachester
(lat:39.6042, lon:-82.7917) 28218.5-KN8DMK Amanda
(lat:39.6042, lon:-82.7917) 28239.1-W7JI Hamilton
(lat:39.3958, lon:-85.4583) 28263-W8AJT Hamilton
(lat:39.3958, lon:-84.5417) 28213.5-KD8RKJ Cleveland
(lat:41.4375, lon:-81.7917) 28252-KD8RKJ Cleveland
(lat:41.5625, lon:-81.625) 474.2-WI2XFI Galena
(lat:40.2292, lon:-82.875) 28211.5-KC8IMB Hillsboro
(lat:39.1042, lon:-83.375)