Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    204-GB 'Plazz'  Buffalo
(lat:42.8542, lon:-78.7917) 209-GF 'Ganse'  Glens Falls
(lat:43.2708, lon:-73.4583) 220-FZ Syracuse
(lat:43.1042, lon:-76.125) 231-BU 'Klump'  Buffalo
(lat:43.0208, lon:-78.625) 245-ALP 'Alpine'  Elmira
(lat:42.2292, lon:-76.7917) 257-GTB 'Drum'  Fort Drum
(lat:44.0625, lon:-75.7083) 260-PYA Penn Yan
(lat:42.6458, lon:-77.0417) 268-RT 'Grimm'  New York
(lat:40.6042, lon:-73.625) 269-EL 'Halos'  Wellsville
(lat:42.1042, lon:-77.875) 272-PFH 'Philmont'  Hudson
(lat:42.2708, lon:-73.7083) 275-CJY 'Clay'  Utica
(lat:43.0625, lon:-75.2917) 278-MS 'Misse'  Massena
(lat:44.8542, lon:-74.875) 279-OZ 'Kring'  Oneonta
(lat:42.6042, lon:-74.9583) 281-HP 'Hestr'  White Plains
(lat:41.1458, lon:-73.7917) 293-#803 Moriches
(lat:40.7708, lon:-72.7083) 322-#839 Porter Center  (Youngstown)
(lat:43.2292, lon:-78.9583) 324-#844 Hudson Falls
(lat:43.2708, lon:-73.5417) 329-IA 'Kathi'  Niagara Falls
(lat:43.1042, lon:-78.875) 332-BG 'Smite'  Binghamton
(lat:42.1042, lon:-75.875) 335-SW 'Neely'  Newburgh
(lat:41.4792, lon:-74.2083) 344-AVN 'Avon'  Rochester
(lat:43.0208, lon:-77.7917) 353-MG 'Otims'  Montgomery
(lat:41.4375, lon:-74.2917) 356-HEU 'Hunter'  Schenectady
(lat:42.8542, lon:-73.9583) 358-OG 'Ogive'  Ogdensburg
(lat:44.6875, lon:-75.375) 359-MS 'Monga'  Monticello
(lat:41.7708, lon:-74.9583) 373-JF 'Conda'  New York
(lat:40.6042, lon:-73.7917) 395-SL 'Briel'  Saranac  Lake
(lat:44.4792, lon:-74.125) 400-FO 'Squir'  Westhampton Beach
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.5417) 400-PTD Potsdam
(lat:44.7292, lon:-74.875) 400-RO 'Breit'  Rochester
(lat:43.1458, lon:-77.5417) 414-OGY 'Bridge'  New York
(lat:40.5625, lon:-73.875) 523-JJH Johnstown
(lat:42.9792, lon:-74.2917) 360-LYS Olean
(lat:42.2708, lon:-78.375) 266-IT 'Vrnah'  Ithaca
(lat:42.4375, lon:-76.375) 14100-4U1UN New York City - U.N Headquarters
(lat:40.7708, lon:-73.9583) 18110-4U1UN New York City - U.N Headquarters
(lat:40.7708, lon:-73.9583) 21150-4U1UN New York City - U.N Headquarters
(lat:40.7708, lon:-73.9583) 24930-4U1UN New York City - U.N Headquarters
(lat:40.7708, lon:-73.9583) 28195.7-WA2NTK Horsehead
(lat:42.1875, lon:-76.875) 28200-4U1UN New York City - U.N Headquarters
(lat:40.7708, lon:-73.9583) 28219-K2KL Monsey
(lat:41.5, lon:-75) 28221.5-K2EM Long Island
(lat:40.7708, lon:-72.9583) 28242.5-W2IK Long Island
(lat:40.7292, lon:-73.4583) 28278.88-W2RTB Rochester
(lat:42.5, lon:-77) 28285-N2JNT Troy
(lat:42.7292, lon:-73.7083) 28287.2-WB2VUO Bergen
(lat:42.1042, lon:-79.9583) 28287.2-NQ2RP Bergen
(lat:42.1042, lon:-79.9583) 242-SY 'Kirki'  Syracuse
(lat:43.1042, lon:-76.0417) 28269.1-W2RTB Victor
(lat:43.5, lon:-77) 403-PO 'Meier'  Poughkeepsie
(lat:41.5625, lon:-73.9583) 28267-AE5X West Harrison
(lat:41.0625, lon:-73.7083) 407-FR 'Frikk'  Farmingdale
(lat:40.7708, lon:-73.4583) 375-ELM Elmira
(lat:42.1458, lon:-76.9583) 275-BBN Babylon
(lat:40.6875, lon:-73.375) 332-LGN 'Peths'  New York (City)
(lat:40.7292, lon:-73.9583) 385-UR 'Orchy'  New York
(lat:40.8542, lon:-73.7917) 185.3-TMO New Berlin
(lat:42.6042, lon:-75.2917) 3545.5-N2XE Myers Corner
(lat:41.6042, lon:-73.875) 28282-KA2KGP Forestville
(lat:42.4375, lon:-79.125) 332-LG Peths
(lat:40.7292, lon:-73.9583) 28298.8-W2RTB Rochester
(lat:43.5208, lon:-76.9583) 366-IS 'Lokks' Islip
(lat:40.7292, lon:-73.2083) 219-AL 'Hawky' Hawk
(lat:42.8125, lon:-73.7917) 507.3-WE2XGR/6 Penn Yan
(lat:42.6875, lon:-77.0417) 185.5-WE2XEB Penn Yan
(lat:42.6458, lon:-77.0417) 3428-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 5652-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 6661-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 8912-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 11387-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 17919-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 17934-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 21931-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 28204-WA2NTK Big Flats
(lat:42.1875, lon:-76.875) 28225.5-W2DLL Buffalo
(lat:42.8542, lon:-78.7917) 28212-WN2WNC New Berlin
(lat:42.6042, lon:-75.375) 28229.5-KA2LIM Pine Valley
(lat:42.2292, lon:-76.875) 500-WE6XGR Penn Yan
(lat:41.6458, lon:-75.0417) 500-WE2XGR/6 Penn Yan
(lat:42.6875, lon:-77.0417) 475.7-WE2XGR Penn Yan
(lat:41.7708, lon:-73.0417) 137.5-WE2XEB Penn Yan
(lat:42.6458, lon:-77.0417) 475.7-WE2XGR/6 Penn Yan
(lat:42.6875, lon:-77.0417) 13276-GS4 Riverhead
(lat:40.8958, lon:-72.625) 72.4-WG2XRS/4 Penn Yan (YATES)
(lat:42.2708, lon:-77.0417) 28233-N2NXZ Rochester
(lat:43.1875, lon:-77.625) 28230-AA2AN Cicero
(lat:43.1458, lon:-76.125) 8825-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 6628-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 137.5-XEB Penn Yan
(lat:42.5, lon:-77) 11396-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 11330-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 28285.5-N2PD Middlestown
(lat:41.4375, lon:-74.4583) 29.4-WH2XBA/1 Penn Yan
(lat:42.6875, lon:-77.0417) 28150-W2DLL Buffalo
(lat:42.8542, lon:-78.7917) 50078-N2GHR Centerreach
(lat:40.8542, lon:-73.0417) 8918-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 11309-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 6577-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 5550-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 13306-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 17952-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 17925-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 5598-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 28268.5-KC2YME Oriskany Falls
(lat:42.9375, lon:-75.4583) 28207.95-KD2EHH DUANESBURGH
(lat:42.7708, lon:-74.0417) 50079-W2UTH Holley
(lat:42.7708, lon:-77.5417) 17946-KEA5 New York Radio
(lat:39.7292, lon:-74.2083) 475.7-N2EIK 
(lat:41.5, lon:-75) 28260-KC4QLP Little Falls
(lat:43.0625, lon:-74.7917)