Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    206-TEL Tell City
(lat:38.0208, lon:-86.7083) 209-EY 'Airpa'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.9375, lon:-86.2083) 212-DCY Washington
(lat:38.6875, lon:-87.125) 212-VP 'Sedly'  Valparaiso
(lat:41.4375, lon:-86.875) 216-RCR Rochester
(lat:41.0625, lon:-86.2083) 219-EV 'Vicci'  Evansville
(lat:38.1458, lon:-87.4583) 219-OQ 'Brinn'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.6042, lon:-86.375) 227-SQ 'Pnthr'  Connersville
(lat:39.7708, lon:-85.125) 232-CO 'Colfa'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.6458, lon:-86.2083) 236-GY 'Garie'  Gary
(lat:41.5625, lon:-87.2917) 239-FNZ 'Ferdinand'  Huntingburg
(lat:38.2292, lon:-86.875) 245-HU 'Yinno'  Terre Haute
(lat:39.3958, lon:-87.375) 248-HZP Zionsville
(lat:39.9375, lon:-86.2083) 251-FW 'Hoagy'  Fort Wayne
(lat:40.9375, lon:-85.125) 251-OEA Vincennes
(lat:38.6875, lon:-87.5417) 254-HLB Batesville
(lat:39.3542, lon:-85.2917) 257-PLD Portland
(lat:40.4375, lon:-84.9583) 263-GGP Logansport
(lat:40.7292, lon:-86.375) 266-IN 'Pully'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.6458, lon:-86.4583) 278-FKR Frankfurt
(lat:40.2708, lon:-86.5417) 308-EQZ 'Captain'  Seymour
(lat:38.8542, lon:-85.9583) 326-SIV Sullivan
(lat:39.1042, lon:-87.4583) 329-IWH Wabash
(lat:40.7708, lon:-85.7917) 331-JV 'Catch'  Jeffersonville
(lat:38.4792, lon:-85.7083) 338-UMP 'Metropolitan'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.9375, lon:-86.0417) 341-SB 'Misha'  South Bend
(lat:41.6875, lon:-86.2083) 344-BFR Bedford
(lat:38.8542, lon:-86.4583) 347.5-ANQ Angola
(lat:41.6458, lon:-85.125) 349-FV 'Larez'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.7708, lon:-86.2083) 356-IUL La Porte
(lat:41.4792, lon:-86.7917) 362-RZL Rensselaer
(lat:40.9375, lon:-87.2083) 365-JN 'Balll'  Muncie
(lat:40.1875, lon:-85.2917) 368-RRJ 'Oranj'  French Lick
(lat:38.5208, lon:-86.5417) 371-AI 'Video'  Anderson
(lat:40.0625, lon:-85.5417) 374-OVO North Vernon
(lat:39.0625, lon:-85.625) 377-MCX 'White Co'  Monticello
(lat:40.7292, lon:-86.7917) 382-BM 'Claye'  Bloomington
(lat:39.0625, lon:-86.625) 385-UWL New Castle
(lat:39.8958, lon:-85.2917) 388-CFJ Crawfordsville
(lat:39.9792, lon:-86.875) 391-CPB Culver
(lat:41.2292, lon:-86.375) 398-HFY 'Greenwood'  Indianapolis
(lat:39.6458, lon:-86.125) 401-LA 'Earle'  Lafayette
(lat:40.4375, lon:-87.0417) 404-IMS Madison
(lat:38.7708, lon:-85.4583) 410-BA 'Clifs'  Columbus
(lat:39.3125, lon:-85.7917) 417-HHG Huntington
(lat:40.8542, lon:-85.4583) 521-TVX Greencastle
(lat:39.7292, lon:-86.7917) 335-RWN Winamac
(lat:41.1042, lon:-86.625) 284-PDW Evansville
(lat:38.0208, lon:-87.5417) 318-HFY Indianapolis / Greenwood
(lat:39.6458, lon:-86.125) 28220-KB9DJA Morrisville
(lat:39.6042, lon:-86.5417) 28291-K9KXP Collinsville
(lat:38.6875, lon:-89.9583) 227-GW 'Aubon' De Kalb County, Auburn
(lat:41.3125, lon:-84.9583) 394-AI 'Video'  Anderson
(lat:40.0625, lon:-85.5417) 512-NWVC USS LST325, Evansville
(lat:, lon:) 28278.5-WA4OTD Carmel
(lat:39.9792, lon:-86.125) 28272.3-N1KON Centerville
(lat:39.8125, lon:-85.0417) 28299.5-WB9OTX Versailles
(lat:39.5, lon:-85) 28233-KB9GSY Hammond
(lat:41.6458, lon:-87.5417) 219-EVV 'Vicci' Evansville
(lat:38.1458, lon:-87.4583) 28255.5-WA4LOS Madison
(lat:38.7708, lon:-85.375) 28229-NG9Y Noorefield
(lat:38.8125, lon:-85.2083) 474.2-WI2XUL Markle
(lat:40.8542, lon:-85.2917) 475.7-K9SLQ Bluffton
(lat:40.7292, lon:-85.2083)