Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    206-IIB 'Wapsie'  Independence
(lat:42.4375, lon:-91.9583) 212-MPZ Mt. Pleasant
(lat:40.9375, lon:-91.5417) 219-AWG Washington
(lat:41.2708, lon:-91.7083) 230-HPT Hampton
(lat:42.7292, lon:-93.2083) 230-RDK Red Oak
(lat:41.0208, lon:-95.2917) 233-GAK 'Sioux Gateway'  Sioux City
(lat:42.3958, lon:-96.375) 236-DEH Decorah
(lat:43.2708, lon:-91.7083) 239-MIW Marshalltown
(lat:42.1042, lon:-92.9583) 248-GGI Grinnell
(lat:41.7292, lon:-92.7083) 251-PRO Perry
(lat:41.8125, lon:-94.125) 257-PEA Pella
(lat:41.3958, lon:-92.9583) 260-OLZ Oelwein
(lat:42.6875, lon:-91.9583) 266-ADU Audubon
(lat:41.6875, lon:-94.875) 269-BEX Bloomfield
(lat:40.7292, lon:-92.4583) 269-ISB Sibley
(lat:43.3542, lon:-95.7917) 272-HNR Harlan
(lat:41.5625, lon:-95.375) 275-IKV Ankeny
(lat:41.6875, lon:-93.5417) 278-CRZ Corning
(lat:40.9792, lon:-94.7917) 278-XWY West Union
(lat:42.9375, lon:-91.7917) 284-OXV Knoxville
(lat:41.3125, lon:-93.125) 290-TVK Centerville
(lat:40.6875, lon:-92.875) 293-CJJ Cresco
(lat:43.3542, lon:-92.125) 298-#868 Orson  (Serves Omaha,  NE)
(lat:41.7708, lon:-95.9583) 302-EAG Eagle Grove
(lat:42.7292, lon:-93.875) 311-#863 Teeds Grove  (Rock Island,  IL)
(lat:42.0208, lon:-90.2083) 323-EBS Webster City
(lat:42.4375, lon:-93.875) 326-CI 'Cindy'  Cedar Rapids
(lat:41.8958, lon:-91.7917) 326-LTU 'Little Sioux'  Spencer
(lat:43.1458, lon:-95.125) 332-FFL Fairfield
(lat:41.0208, lon:-91.9583) 335-CNC Chariton
(lat:41.0208, lon:-93.375) 335-MEY Mapleton
(lat:42.1875, lon:-95.7917) 338-GFZ Greenfield
(lat:41.3125, lon:-94.4583) 338-SHL Sheldon
(lat:43.2292, lon:-95.875) 338-VTI 'Garrison'  Vinton
(lat:42.2292, lon:-92.0417) 341-DB 'Zilom'  Dubuque
(lat:42.3125, lon:-90.625) 341-FO 'Barro'  Fort  Dodge
(lat:42.5208, lon:-94.2917) 344-DS 'Forem'  Des Moines
(lat:41.4792, lon:-93.5417) 345-PUF 'Puff'  Estherville
(lat:43.3542, lon:-94.7083) 348-MC 'Surff'  Mason City
(lat:43.0625, lon:-93.2917) 350-DNS Denison
(lat:41.9792, lon:-95.375) 353-DV 'Auney'  Davenport
(lat:41.6875, lon:-90.625) 353-ICL Clarinda
(lat:40.7292, lon:-95.0417) 356-SKI Sac City
(lat:42.3958, lon:-94.9583) 359-FXY Forest City
(lat:43.2292, lon:-93.625) 362-EE 'Merle'  Ames
(lat:41.8958, lon:-93.625) 365-AIO Atlantic
(lat:41.3958, lon:-95.0417) 366-EOK Keokuk
(lat:40.4792, lon:-91.4583) 368-IFA Iowa Falls
(lat:42.4792, lon:-93.2917) 368-SOY Sioux Center
(lat:43.1458, lon:-96.2083) 371-TZT Belle Plaine
(lat:41.8958, lon:-92.2917) 375-CCY Charles City
(lat:43.0625, lon:-92.625) 377-CWI Clinton
(lat:41.8125, lon:-90.2917) 379-UNE 'Union County'  Creston
(lat:40.9375, lon:-94.375) 382-AL 'Price'  Waterloo
(lat:42.6042, lon:-92.5417) 382-LRJ Le Mars
(lat:42.7708, lon:-96.2083) 386-OQW Maquoketa
(lat:42.0625, lon:-90.7083) 387-CAV Clarion
(lat:42.7292, lon:-93.7917) 390-BR 'Burns'  Burlington
(lat:40.6458, lon:-91.125) 391-EFW Jefferson
(lat:42.0208, lon:-94.375) 394-SP 'Snore'  Spencer
(lat:43.2292, lon:-95.2917) 397-CIN Carroll
(lat:42.0625, lon:-94.7917) 397-MXO Monticello
(lat:42.1875, lon:-91.125) 403-AXA Algona
(lat:43.0625, lon:-94.2917) 407-BNW Boone
(lat:42.0625, lon:-93.875) 410-EGQ Emmetsburg
(lat:43.1042, lon:-94.7083) 411-SDA Shenandoah
(lat:40.7708, lon:-95.375) 414-OOA Oskaloosa
(lat:41.2292, lon:-92.4583) 414-SU 'Salix'  Sioux City
(lat:42.3125, lon:-96.2917) 417-IY 'Chukk'  Charles City
(lat:43.1458, lon:-92.7083) 423-CKP 'Pilot Rock'  Cherokee
(lat:42.7292, lon:-95.5417) 426-EN 'Rikky'  Council Bluffs
(lat:41.2292, lon:-95.7917) 428-POH Pocahontas
(lat:42.7292, lon:-94.625) 434-SLB Storm Lake
(lat:42.6042, lon:-95.2083) 513-PP 'Flick'  Crescent
(lat:41.3958, lon:-95.875) 515-RRQ Rock Rapids
(lat:43.4375, lon:-96.2083) 517-FN 'Hillz'  Clinton
(lat:41.7708, lon:-90.375) 518-GCT Guthrie Center
(lat:41.6875, lon:-94.4583) 521-ORC Orange City
(lat:42.9792, lon:-96.0417) 524-UOC 'Hawkeye'  Iowa City
(lat:41.6458, lon:-91.5417) 223-GAK Sioux Gateway
(lat:42.3958, lon:-96.375) 28250-K0HTF Des Moines
(lat:41.5625, lon:-93.625) 227-SLB Storm Lake
(lat:42.6042, lon:-95.2083) 272-MUT Mascatine
(lat:41.3542, lon:-91.125) 293-IKV Ankeny
(lat:41.6875, lon:-93.5417) 314-POH Pocahontas
(lat:42.7292, lon:-94.625) 516-GCT Guthrie Center
(lat:41.6875, lon:-94.4583) 296-CRZ Corning (Municipal)
(lat:40.9792, lon:-94.7083) 507.3-WD2XSH/34 Indianola
(lat:, lon:) 28288.86-N0MPM PELLA
(lat:55.9792, lon:37.125)