Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    209-ITR 'Kit Carson'  Burlington
(lat:39.2292, lon:-102.292) 260-AP 'Casse'  Denver
(lat:39.4375, lon:-104.875) 302-PU 'Mertz'  Pueblo
(lat:38.2708, lon:-104.625) 307-#872 Sugar City  (Pueblo)
(lat:38.2708, lon:-104.375) 311-MVI Monte Vista
(lat:37.5208, lon:-106.042) 321-FT 'Skipi'  Bennett  (Denver)
(lat:39.8125, lon:-104.458) 329-TAD Trinidad
(lat:37.3125, lon:-104.375) 335-IHS 'Ironhorse'  Fort Carson
(lat:38.6875, lon:-104.792) 348-DCI Greeley
(lat:40.3542, lon:-104.625) 348-GZW Greeley
(lat:40.4375, lon:-104.792) 373-TF 'Aruba'  Pueblo
(lat:38.2708, lon:-104.375) 375-HPL 'Hopkins'  Nucla
(lat:38.2292, lon:-108.542) 378-LXV Leadville
(lat:39.4375, lon:-106.875) 392-BAJ 'Batten'  Sterling
(lat:40.5208, lon:-103.208) 400-FN 'Colln'  Fort Collins / Loveland
(lat:40.3542, lon:-104.958) 400-VQ 'Besaq'  Alamosa
(lat:37.3542, lon:-105.958) 404-HEQ 'Heginbotham'  Holyoke
(lat:40.5625, lon:-102.292) 407-CO 'Petey'  Colorado Springs
(lat:38.6875, lon:-104.708) 480-RW Seven Lakes
(lat:38.5, lon:-105) 348-DC 'Buffs'  Greeley
(lat:40.3542, lon:-104.625) 28236.5-W0KIZ Denver
(lat:39.3958, lon:-104.875) 348-GX Greeley
(lat:40.3542, lon:-104.625) 348-GZ Greeley
(lat:40.4375, lon:-104.792) 60-WWVB Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 387-LQP Fort Collins
(lat:40.5625, lon:-105.042) 281-TOT 'Stapleton', Denver
(lat:39.7708, lon:-104.792) 344-CQL CARBONDALE
(lat:39.3958, lon:-107.125) 50065-W0MTK Fruta
(lat:39.1875, lon:-108.792) 505.75-WD2XSH/21 Colorado Springs
(lat:, lon:) 239-LHX LA JUNTA
(lat:38.0625, lon:-103.625) 505-WD2XSH/12 Nederland
(lat:39.9792, lon:-105.458) 5000-WWV Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 495.5-WD2XSH/12 Nederland
(lat:39.9792, lon:-105.458) 2500-WWV Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 10000-WWV Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 15000-WWV Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 187.5-MBD Westminster (AB0CW)
(lat:39.8958, lon:-105.125) 458-#HA2 Sugar City (Pueblo)
(lat:, lon:) 20000-WWV Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 28232-N1FSX Simla
(lat:39.1042, lon:-103.958) 28234.5-KA0SWT Pueblo
(lat:38.1458, lon:-104.625) 185.29-WG2XNI Denver
(lat:39.3958, lon:-104.875) 475-WD2XSH/12 Nederland
(lat:39.9792, lon:-105.458) 28230-AA0RQ Pine
(lat:39.3958, lon:-105.292) 28207-NM0V Monument
(lat:39.1042, lon:-104.792) 25000-WWV Fort Collins
(lat:40.6875, lon:-105.042) 50065-KA0CDN Aurora
(lat:39.7708, lon:-104.792) 50068-K0EC Vail Mountain
(lat:39.5208, lon:-107.625) 475.7-WD2XSH/12 Nederland
(lat:39.9792, lon:-105.458) 28282.5-N0HF Boulder
(lat:39.9792, lon:-105.125) 28282.5-KD0GZJ LOVELAND
(lat:40.3958, lon:-105.125) 28218.08-AC0KC FORT LUPTON
(lat:40.0208, lon:-104.792) 480.48-WA2XRM Colorado Springs
(lat:38.8542, lon:-104.792) 475.7-K0KE Parker
(lat:39.5208, lon:-104.708) 136.9-KD0VBR Golden
(lat:40.9375, lon:-100.125) 475.7-AI8Z 
(lat:, lon:)