Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    204-ESU 'Summerdale'  Foley
(lat:30.4792, lon:-87.7083) 211-AN 'Bogga'  Anniston
(lat:33.5208, lon:-85.9583) 212-OZ 'Ruckr'  Fort Rucker  (Ozark)
(lat:31.2292, lon:-85.7917) 221-HYE 'Hanchey'  Fort Rucker  (Ozark)
(lat:31.3542, lon:-85.625) 224-BH 'Mc Den'  Birmingham
(lat:33.5208, lon:-86.875) 228-BCZ 'Choctaw'  Butler
(lat:32.1042, lon:-88.125) 230-CPP 'Cole Spring'  Cullman
(lat:34.3542, lon:-86.7917) 245-MG 'Marra'  Montgomery
(lat:32.3125, lon:-86.5417) 248-MOB 'Wisle'  Mobile
(lat:30.7708, lon:-88.2917) 264-JUY 'Judd'  Andelusia
(lat:31.3125, lon:-86.375) 269-LOR 'Lowe'  Fort Rucker  (Ozark)
(lat:31.3542, lon:-85.7083) 281-XNE Spring Hill
(lat:31.6875, lon:-85.9583) 284-SCD Sylacauga
(lat:33.1875, lon:-86.2917) 287-HUA 'Redstone Arsenal'  Huntsville
(lat:34.6875, lon:-86.7083) 296-ARF 'Saratoga'  Albertville
(lat:34.2708, lon:-86.2083) 300-#813 Mobile Point
(lat:30.2292, lon:-88.0417) 307-#825 Hackleburg
(lat:34.2708, lon:-87.875) 320-#865 Miller's Ferry
(lat:32.1042, lon:-87.375) 350-CWH 'Capshaw'  Huntsville
(lat:34.7708, lon:-86.7917) 352-BVG 'Boll Weevil'  Enterprise
(lat:31.3542, lon:-85.9583) 362-TC 'Tuske'  Tuscaloosa
(lat:33.1458, lon:-87.7083) 365-TOI 'Blood'  Troy
(lat:31.8125, lon:-86.125) 368-BEQ Bessemer
(lat:33.3125, lon:-86.9583) 374-FLZ Fort Rucker 'Florala Airport'
(lat:31.0625, lon:-86.2917) 382-DER Alexander City
(lat:32.8958, lon:-85.9583) 382-XGV Fadette  (Fort Rucker)
(lat:31.0208, lon:-85.5417) 391-RZO 'Marengo'  Demopolis
(lat:32.3958, lon:-88.0417) 394-RO 'Roeby'  Birmingham
(lat:33.6042, lon:-86.7083) 410-XBR 'Brantley'  Fort Rucker  (Ozark)
(lat:31.5625, lon:-86.2917) 417-EOG Greensboro
(lat:32.6042, lon:-87.625) 423-AU 'Opole'  Auburn
(lat:32.5208, lon:-85.4583) 426-FTP Fort Payne
(lat:34.5208, lon:-85.7083) 212-AWW Winchester
(lat:40.1875, lon:-84.9583) 308-BVG 
(lat:31.3542, lon:-85.9583) 28210.3-AF4OD Auburn
(lat:32.6042, lon:-85.4583) 28240-W1NRA Phenix City
(lat:32.5, lon:-85) 204-FDF Fayette
(lat:33.7292, lon:-87.7917) 189.5-XMGR Helena
(lat:33.3125, lon:-86.7917) 28258-NV4B Russelville
(lat:34.5208, lon:-87.7083) 332-XDT 'Tac X Stagefield' Fort Rucker/Samson
(lat:31.1458, lon:-85.9583) 251-XRK 'Runkle' FT. Rucker
(lat:, lon:) 344-SE Pollk (Selma)
(lat:32.2708, lon:-86.9583) 338-GGY Gragg-Wade
(lat:32.8542, lon:-86.625) 4369-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 4396-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 6519-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 8788-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 8806-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 28207.5-W4CND Jemison
(lat:33.0208, lon:-86.625) 28212.5-KJ4QYB Rainbow City
(lat:33.6042, lon:-86.125) 28255-KB4UPI Bessemer
(lat:33.2708, lon:-86.9583) 8423.5-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 8658-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 12581.5-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 12584.5-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 16809-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 16814-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 22383.5-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 4213-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 6317-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 8419-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 8421-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 17362-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 8473-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 13110-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 13152-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 12992-WLO Mobile Radio
(lat:30.6875, lon:-88.0417) 28249.8-KJ4VRQ Clanton
(lat:32.8542, lon:-86.625) 28218.5-KJ4LAA Decatur
(lat:34.5625, lon:-87.0417) 28245.5-KG4TIM Vance
(lat:33.2708, lon:-87.125) 28234.4-K4DXY Birmingham
(lat:33.6458, lon:-86.7083) 28255-KB4UBI Hoover
(lat:33.4792, lon:-87.9583) 50060-K4TQR Birmingham
(lat:33.5208, lon:-86.7917) 28212.5-W4AMA Rainbow City
(lat:33.9375, lon:-86.125) 28225.7-WB4NCT Athens
(lat:34.8125, lon:-86.9583) 28268.56-N1LF MAYLENE
(lat:33.2292, lon:-86.875) 28289.3-WJ5O Troy
(lat:31.7708, lon:-85.9583)