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  • Please use the following list as an additional data source - the ship listings from around 404KHz may prove particularly useful:
    [ William Hepburn's LF List ]
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RNA only 3301
REU only 8208
RNA + REU 1932
RWW 16037

RNA Listeners
Locations 390
Loggings 493593
First log 15 Feb 1986
Last log 28 Feb 2020

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs First Logged Last Logged
223 DAA 1035 1028 8.91   'Davee' Fort Belvoir MD USA FM18kp   NDB is located in Maryland, serving Davison Army Airfield located in Fort Belvoir, VA IL MD MO NC NH NJ NY OH ON PA TX VA 78 2010-10-08 2020-02-22
332 DC 1053 1030 5.99   'Oxonn' Oxon Hill (Fort Foote Park) MD USA FM18ls   Although this beacon is actually located in MD (location 38.7660583 / -77.0266428), for NDB List Awards purposes it may count towards either MD or DC as you see fit (Andy Robins, 2005-01-12); Supports Ronald Reagan Washington National Apt CO DC IL MA MD MI NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA VA 143 2002-12-17 2020-02-22
349 APG 1055 1029 7.94   'Aberdeen' Aberdeen Proving Grounds MD USA FM19wm     AZ CO IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TN TX VA 243 1997-12-30 2018-10-27
400 NHK 1066 1022 8.092   'Patuxent' Patuxent River MD USA FM18tg     IL MA MD MI MO NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TX VA 165 2003-09-17 2020-02-23
407 OX 1039 1043 4.774   'Landy' Ocean City MD USA FM28ji     IL MA MD MI NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC VA WI 141 2002-01-04 2020-01-31
212 ESN   1019 4.734   Easton MD USA FM18xt   20100806 - Michael Oexner reports it is has been deleted MD NC PA VA 29 2003-11-04 2008-04-26
232 MX 1022       'Zoote' Camp Springs MD USA FM18nw   Now listed by FAA as off air (Michael Oexner, 2006-09-02) but heard twice since by Larry Puttman (see logs) MD PA VA 26 2003-11-01 2008-06-16
241 VKX         'Potomac' Friendly MD USA FM18mr 25 Was listed OTS at; Now listed by FAA as off air (Michael Oexner, 2006-09-02) MD 3 2004-11-15 2005-02-02
260 BUH   1034 8.180   'Anne Arundel' Fort Meade (Odenton) MD USA FM19oc   2013-05-10 Michael Oexner reports its been deleted IL MD MI NC NY PA VA 26 2004-10-23 2007-09-15
278 SB         'Colbe' Salisbury MD USA FM28hg     MD NC VA 15 2003-12-03 2008-06-16
317 CBE 1017 1017 5.514   Cumberland MD USA FM09pp   Decom per NFDD 101 - 4 05/24/2018 AZ CO FL IA IL IN MA MD ME MI MO NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TN TX VA WI WV 177 1990-12-20 2018-05-30
342 MTN   ~1000 5.3   'Martin' Baltimore MD USA FM19th   20090830 - Michael Oexner reports its been deleted IL MD ME MI NC NS NY OH ON PA VA 42 2001-03-04 2006-10-23
355 CGE 1020 1019 5.83   Cambridge MD USA FM18xm   DCA 10/087 CGE NAV NDB OUT OF SERVICE 1710051329-PERM AZ CA CO CT FL IL MA MD MI MN MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA 223 2001-03-04 2018-02-14
360 RW 1025 1022 8.53   'Kirbe' Camp Springs (Brandywine) MD USA FM18nq 25 2012-10-14 Michael Oexner reports that its been deleted -- IL MD NC NH NY PA VA 31 2003-11-13 2010-11-28
371 FND 1058   7.833   'Ellicott' Baltimore MD USA FM19og     IL MD MI NB NC NY ON PA TN VA 35 2003-11-10 2013-06-14
385 GAI 1018 1020 5.18   Gaithersburg MD USA FM19ke   2014-08-25 Michael Oexner reports that has been or will be Decommissioned. CT DC IL MA MD MI NB NC NH NS NY OH ON PA TX VA 69 2003-10-02 2012-09-22
404 IUB   1007     'Institute' Baltimore MD USA FM19qg 25 Decom per NFDD 205 - 1 10/24/2017 -Negative ''LTS''/''LTV'' 404 kHz IL MD NB NJ NY OH ON 15 1999-10-29 2013-12-26

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