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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
414 3U 395 390 10.550 DAID Gatineau QC CAN FN25fm 85   DEU ESP HOL AZ CA CO FL IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TN TX VA 278 2017-12-30
414 8M   390 CAN DBID Elk Point AB CAN DO43ov     AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MT NC NE OR TX UT WA YT 127 2017-12-14
414 ATS 1004 999 4.5   Artesia NM USA DM72su 25 2013-03-14 Don Tomkinson reports it is OTS AB AZ BC CA CO IL MN MO NC NE NM NS OR TN TX UT WA HI 309 2017-12-28
414 AZE 1022 1014 5.231   Hazlehurst GA USA EM81qv     AL FL IL MA MD MI MO MS NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA SC TN TX VA 128 2017-12-26
414 BRI 403 412 10.4   Bristol / Filton   ENG IO81pj     BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GSY HOL IRL ITA LVA NIR NOR POL SAR SCT SHE SUI SVN SWE WLS NS 575 2018-01-15
414 CSS 1015 1016 5.64   'Court House' Washington Court House OH USA EM89ho 25 'Disappeared in early 2004; had been a loud 24/7 pest' (Andy Robins, 2005-02-24) - reemerged 2006-09-20 (Larry Putman and others since) BC CA CO FL GA IL IN MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR QC TN TX 130 2017-11-28
414 FDW 1025 1030 5.59   Winnsboro SC USA EM94kh 25 ULS WPWR661 FL IL MA MD MI MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC TN TX VA 100 2017-12-31
414 GL 1023 1018 8.63   'Shugr' Goodland KS USA DM99eh     AZ CA CO IL MT NE OR TX 67 2017-12-14
414 GRN 1021 1031 6.4   Gordon NE USA DN82vt     AB AZ BC CA CO IL IN MA MI MN MO MT NC NE NS NV OH OR SD TN TX UT WA WI HI 277 2018-01-08
414 IME 1061 1032     'Mount Edgecumbe' Sitka AK ALS CO27hb     AB AK AZ BC CA IL OR UT WA YT HI 246 2018-01-11
414 LK 1047 1008 5.690   'Laang' Louisville KY USA EM78ed     CO IL IN MD MI MN MO NC NH NY OH ON PA SC TN TX VA 59 2017-12-26
414 LYI 1030 1017 4.5   Libby MT USA DN28gh 100 ULS call sign WRLB2553 Expires 09 2017 AB AZ BC CA CO IL MN MT NE NV OR TX UT WA YT 310 2018-01-02
414 MSD 1047 1016 8.3   Mansfield LA USA EM32cb     AZ BC CA CO FL IA IL IN LA MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR TN TX USA UT VA WA WI 274 2018-01-08
414 NYA 392 383 7.3   Ny-Alesund   SVB JQ58ww     DEU ENG FIN HOL NOR SVB SWE BC 32 2018-01-10
414 STA 406 414 9.5 ID+6" gap Stafjord A Platform   XOE JP01wg   EX LF6L BEL CZE DEU ENG FIN FRA HOL LVA NOR POL RUS SVN SWE NS 85 2017-07-09
414 SU 1063 1010 5.883   'Salix' Sioux City IA USA EN12uh 40   AB AZ BC CA CO FL IA IL IN MA MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR QC SC SD TN TX UT WA 233 2018-01-02
414 YZK   384 10.5   Harper Ranch (Kamloops) BC CAN CO90wq     BC CA MT OR TX UT WA 73 2017-12-01
414 DUX 1010 2038     'Durrett' Dumas TX USA DM85xu 25   AZ CO MN NE TX 19 2008-10-30
414 EGT 1020 1020 4.96   Wellington KS USA EM17hh 25 2014-01-27 Don Ward reports sidebands continue to show up in pairs separated by 100-130 Hz -- 2013-10-06 Anthony Casorso reports - EGT-414 was interesting with perfect idents 120Hz apart around the carrier and a pair at the USB position and a pair at the LSB position. I didn't see any others. Its almost as if they ran a 60Hz signal generator into the audio and adjusted it just right. The six idents all had nearly equal amplitudes. AZ BC CA CO FL IL MI MN MO NC NE NS OH OR TN TX UT 122 2015-04-26
414 HQ 1080       'Abern' Hoquiam WA USA CN86cx 25 Now HQ-236 AB 3 1990-12-21
414 HZE 0 990 6.0   Hazen ND USA DN97fh     AB CO IL MN MS OH ON OR 19 2005-10-13
414 IA 1065 1010     'Taffs' Chicago IL USA EN61cx     CA IL MI MS NS NY OH ON PA 23 2008-05-16
414 IEB 1030 1034 8.1   Lebanon MO USA EM37qn   -1929 Hz rptd AZ BC CA CO FL IL MA MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR TN TX VA WA 169 2017-03-05
414 JUE 1012 1019 5.6   Lebanon TN USA EM66ue   2013-07-28 George Muha reports it is to be decommissioned. AL AZ BC CA CO FL GA IL MA MD MI MN MO NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA TN TX VA WV 123 2013-04-07
414 NWH 1020       Walnut Hill FL USA EM60ft   Decommissioned IL MI MS 5 2001-11-03
414 OGY 1030 1041 7.968   'Bridge' New York NY USA FN30bn 25 20160208 - George M reports it has been off air for at least a year. IL MA MD ME MI NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC VA 96 2014-12-27
414 OOA 1025 1016 6.9   Oskaloosa IA USA EN31sf 25   BC CA CO IA IL MI MN MO NC NE NH OH ON OR QC TN TX WI 125 2016-07-01
414 OQK 1050 1035     Noatak AK ALS AP87mn   20091120 - Steve MacDonald reports the keying is somewhat unusual as the three dashes for the 'O' are spaced so it sounds like 'TTTQK' BC OR 4 2014-09-09
414 PYD 1061 1030 8.0   'Area 19' Groom Lake NV USA DM27ae 100 +2090 Hz rptd; Reported off-air 2003-12-27 (Phil Atchley) Rptd 'Not heard in about a week' 2005-07-05 (Don Tomkinson) AB AZ BC CA CO IL NM OR UT WA 332 2005-12-19
414 SKX 1022 1020 5.3   'Ski' Taos NM USA DM76dk 25 DCMSND Sep 2008 Don Tomkinson --- +2040 reported by Jim Smith 20061212 AZ CA CO IL MI MS NC NM NS OR TX UT 109 2008-06-23
414 SPQ 1015 1020     'Spain' Memphis TN USA EM45xe 25 +2030 reported CO IL MI ON TN TX 14 2010-12-29
414 SUE 1030 1027     Sturgeon Bay WI USA EN64gu   2X sdb harmonic rptd IL MA MD MI MN NS NY ON VA 33 2007-04-06
414 TDN   1037     Unknown   XUU     2005-12-06 (Via Andy Robins): 'Bill says FCC/FAA data show a new offshore NDB licensed near Lompoc. He's wondering if it is TDN. Anyone else hearing this?' 2005-12-06 Steve R writes: 'Much better on E/W wire, poor on N/S wire. (I hear 415 IEE only on the N/S wire, for comparison.) Thus, I would not guess this is from offshore S. Calif.' 2005-12-06 Dave T writes: 'Fair to west of me' 2005-12-22 Dave T suggests possible GRN miskey CA IL MI NE OR 7 2005-12-08
414 VEED         UNKNOWN   XUU     Chuck Dobbins reports it sent a tone after id which was strung together with little spacing total sequence was 5 seconds with 2 1/2 sec being the tone. TX 1 2012-07-28
414 Y   400   DAID Brophy / Regina SK CAN DO70ok   Now ZRG-414 AB CA CO IL 11 2002-11-15
414 ZRG 394 397 10.3 DAID Brophy (Regina) SK CAN DO70ok 20 75' Vertical; 100W rptd in WWSU AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL KS MA MI MN MO MT NC NE NM NV OH OR TN TX UT WA HI 302 2015-04-26

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