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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
388 3Z   334 10.5 DAID Taber (Muni Apt) AB CAN DN39vt     AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MT NC NS NV NY OH ON OR TX UT WA 231 2017-10-28
388 CDX 1048 1034 7.93   'Cumberland River' Somerset KY USA EM76px 25   AL AZ BC CO FL GA IL IN MA MD MI MN MO NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC SC TN TX VA WA WV 213 2018-01-02
388 CFJ 1012 1013 7.436   Crawfordsville IN USA EM69nx 25 ULS WQBU305 AZ CO FL GA IA IL IN MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC SC TN TX VA WI 207 2018-01-01
388 GLY 1 1029 7.4   'Golden Valley' Clinton MO USA EM38di 25 ULS WPYM570 AZ BC CA CO GA IA IL IN MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR QC TN TX VA WA WI 261 2018-01-04
388 H7   380 10.337 DAID Manitoulin East (Manitowaning) ON CAN EN95bu 25   AZ CA CO GA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO MS NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WI WV 290 2017-12-31
388 HAH 1022 1021 8.6   'Natchez-Adams Co' Natchez MS USA EM41iq   fast ID AZ BC CA CO IL MI MO MS NC TN TX USA 45 2018-01-06
388 JW   398 10.5 DAID 'Pigeon' Jumping Pound Creek AB CAN DO21qb 15   AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MT NC NS NV NY OH ON OR TX UT WA WI YT 407 2017-12-23
388 MD 1020 1019 8.601   'Cabbi' Carbondale / Murphysboro IL USA EM57ju     CO IL MI MN MO MS NC OH TN TX 79 2017-10-29
388 MM   393 9.8 DAID Fort Mc Murray AB CAN DO46hp 125   ENG FIN SWE AB AZ BC CA CO GA IA ID IL MA MI MN MO MS MT NC NH NS NV NY OH ON OR TN TX UT VA WA WI YT HI 377 2018-01-12
388 OFZ 1043 1004 7.8   'Trail' Fort Sill OK USA EM04ts   Rptd. sending PFL - Dick Palmer writes: 'The Fort Sill, Oklahoma NDB on 388 kHz was sending PFL this morning. PFL is assigned to 308 kHz and OFZ is assigned to 388 kHz. Me thinks some technician got it wrong at the base?' (2006-09-04) AZ BC CA CO GA IL KS MI MN MO NC NM OH OR TX WA 176 2017-06-23
388 OK 1050 1025 8.25   'Preso' Preston (Okmulgee) OK USA EM25as     AZ CA CO GA IL MI MN MO NC NE OH OR TN TX WI 140 2017-10-30
388 PK 1020 1021 8.601   'Versi' parkersburg WV USA EM99gg   2012-09-24 Don Ward reports it miskeys as "K" (almost "NT") IL MA MD MI MO NC NH NY OH ON TX VA 59 2017-12-14
388 RNW 1030 1025 5.84   Chocowinity NC USA FM15km 25   AZ CO FL IL MA MD ME MI MO NB NC NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WI 218 2018-01-06
388 UN 1020 1014 8.600   'Penue' State College PA USA FN10dv     CT IL MA MD MI NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC VA 116 2017-10-30
388 AM 1045 1020 5.9   'Picny' Tampa FL USA EL87ru 400 Lee Parshook reports it is decom ESP DOM AB AL AZ BC CA CO CT FL GA IA IL IN LA MA MD ME MI MN MO MS NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX USA UT VA WA WV HI 465 2015-04-23
388 APO 1040 1060     'Apollo' Johnston Atoll   JON AK56fr   Decommissioned 2004 (Andy Robins, 2005-02-24) CA OR 32 2003-12-01
388 BD         'Chupp' Windsor Locks CT USA FN31ov     IL ON 2 2004-05-01
388 CRK 1046 1023     'Phort' Spokane WA USA DN17gq   20160416 CRK Scheduled for DECOM June 2016 - reported by Skip Magnuson W7WGM BC CA ID MT OR UT WA 57 2016-05-28
388 DT 1028 1020 8.6   'Revup' Detroit MI USA EN82gc 25 2005-11-13 Andy Robins writes 'Not heard - usually quite loud' IL MI MN NS NY OH ON 30 2005-06-18
388 GE 1043 1023 5.6   'Phort' Spokane WA USA DN17gq 25 GE-388 has been replaced by CRK-388 AZ BC CA OR UT WA 64 2010-03-07
388 IMP         Marathon TX USA DM80jg     IL 1 1999-11-13
388 ISZ 1065 1067 6.003   'Cincinnati-Blue Ash' Cincinnati OH USA EM79tf 25 2011-01-04 - Bryon Johnson reports it is still on the air! - 20100804 - Michael Oxner reports it has been deleted. CO GA IL IN MA MD MI MN MS NB NC NS NY OH ON OR PA TX VA WV 68 2011-01-16
388 JUG 1007 1028 7.45   'Jecca' Seagoville TX USA EM12rq 25 2014-10-27 Chuck Dobbins reports it is OTA AB AZ BC CA CO FL GA IL IN LA MI MN MO MS NC NS OH ON OR TN TX UT WA HI 186 2014-02-23
388 MAO 1014 1016 7.907   Marion SC USA FM04ie 25   FL IL MA MD MI NC NH NS NY OH PA SC TX VA 57 2014-02-24
388 MF 1020   8.6   'Missi' Mc Allen TX USA EL06ug   Now MF-330 AZ CO TX 22 2010-03-08
388 MFV         Melfa VA USA FM27cp   20071008 - reported by Don Thomkinson to be inactive. IL MD 4 2006-10-23
388 MS   1036 6.92/10.25 DAID McInnes Island BC CAN CO52pg 100   AB CA WA 13 2003-09-10
388 NXX 1054 1043 7.436   Willow Grove PA USA FN20ke   20091221 - Michael Oexner reports NXX-388 has been deleted IL MA MD ME MI MN NB NC NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON PA VA 85 2008-04-27
388 OCQ   1020 8.635   Oconto WI USA EN64bv 25   BC CA IL MI MN NC NS NY OH ON OR 48 2011-10-23
388 OLG   1019     Solon Springs WI USA EN46ch 25 Rptd OTS 2004-08-27 by Paul LaFreniere on location in NW Wisconsin IL MI MN ON 7 2004-04-22
388 OYD 1044 1015 8.209   'Floyd' Rome GA USA EM74kh   2011-07-28 - Michael Oexner reports that it is has been decommissioned or is planned to be decommissioned. AL CO GA IL IN MI MS NC OH ON OR TX VA 39 2008-12-31
388 PFL 1030       Unknown   XUN     2006-10-22: Fred Mooney suggests 'perhaps PFL Fort Sill, OK, formerly 308KHz?) CO IL MI TX 6 2007-01-02
388 SGR 1025 1023 5.7   'Hull' Houston TX USA EL29ep 50 2011-03-11 - Michael Oexner reports it is deleted or planned to be deleted. AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MS NC OH OR TN TX HI 65 2010-03-08
388 SVA 372 1494 7.93   Saravena   CLM FJ46bw     NC TX 7 2014-02-23
388 TST 1068 1035     Unknown   XUN     UNID; testing; S of Chicago/N of Charlotte, NC IL 1 2003-03-01

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