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  • Please use the following list as an additional data source - the ship listings from around 404KHz may prove particularly useful:
    [ William Hepburn's LF List ]
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RNA only 3341
REU only 7940
RNA + REU 1637
RWW 15342

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Locations 350
Loggings 434082
First log 15 Feb 1986
Last log 17 Oct 2018

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs First Logged Last Logged
386 4N   404 10.55 DAID Oxford House MB CAN EO24iw 200   AZ BC CO IL MI MN MO MT NC OH ON OR TX WA 101 2000-02-04 2017-01-11
386 CP 406 411 8.4 ID+6" gap Constable Pynt / Nerlerit Inaat   GRL HQ80qr   HEARD AS CPe DEU ENG FIN FRA HOL IRL ISL NIR NOR SCT SWE NB NH NL 83 1997-11-13 2018-05-04
386 D8 0 401 9.865 DAID Dolbeau QC CAN FN38ss 100   ESP SCT AZ BC CA CO CT IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WV 251 1995-11-27 2016-10-13
386 GMA 1028 1030 5.52   'Mahn' Whitefield NH USA FN44di   20150219 - temporarily appeared on 382 with short cycle time then moved back with nominal cycle and offsets CA IL IN MA MD ME MI MO NB NC NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON PA QC VA 143 2001-12-16 2018-10-14
386 HAU 1054 1047 8.0   'Hauser' Helena MT USA DN46cn 25 'T' antenna AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MN MT NC NV OR TX UT WA 295 1988-12-30 2018-10-10
386 SP 400 400 10.123 DAID St. Pierre   SPM GN16vs     CA IL MA ME NB NC NH NJ NL NS NY ON QC TX 78 2001-09-29 2018-02-15
386 SYF 1008 999 5.7   St. Francis KS USA DM99cr 25 2016-11-15 Steve Zimmerman reports poorly formed letters. Don Ward and others have reported in past, that the YF letters are run together. AB AZ BC CA CO GA ID IL IN MA MD MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NH NM NS NV NY OH ON OR SD TN TX USA UT VA WA WI HI 509 1988-06-07 2018-10-12
386 4X   1046   DAID Lac Du Bonnet MB CAN EO10xg 100   AB CO IL MI MN ON OR 20 1989-02-04 2008-01-31
386 BTI         Unknown   XUU     poss BTN miskeying BC 1 2004-06-04 2004-06-04
386 BTN   1034 5.6   Britton SD USA EN15dt   Rptd negative keying''V T A-------- (with A the start the of the dash)'' (2005-01-03 Steve R). Proposed as BTN by Keith VA3QF (2005-01-03) and confirmed by Steve R after retiming cycles for the two. AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN NS NY OH ON OR TX UT 61 1988-12-30 2007-05-07
386 LYO 1025 1010 7.190   Lyons KS USA EM08vi 25 2X sdb harmonics rptd NOTAM: ICT 02/243 LYO NAV NDB DECOMMISSIONED 1502191808-PERM AB AZ CA CO IL MI MN MO MS NC NM OH OR TN TX 129 1990-01-06 2015-12-27
386 OQW   1023     Maquoketa IA USA EN42pb 25   AZ BC CO IL IN MI MN MS NC NS OH ON OR 36 1999-02-28 2006-05-06
386 SZY   1013 6.663   'Sibley' Selmer TN USA EM55rf 25   IL MI NC OH ON TN TX 20 2002-01-04 2010-10-16

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