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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
385 AJA 1049 1025 8.01   MT Macajna   GUM QK23ik   20081021 - Heard By Steve Ratzlaff AUS TA AZ OR HI 24 2017-09-15
385 AL 1034 1026 8.40   Malolo   FJI RH82qe   20081020 - Heard by Steve Ratzlaff AUS NCL NZL TA VI AZ OR WA HI 120 2017-09-06
385 CPZ 1021 1015 8.0   'Chaparrosa Ranch' La Pryor TX USA DL98xv 25 (2016 02 23) Doug Springfield reports keying funny with Z speeded up. Cycle time about 2 seconds longer @ 9.94 (2016 02 23) Don Tomkinson reports it is sending with no spaces AZ BC CA CO IL MI MO NC NS OH OR TN TX WA 153 2017-12-29
385 DXB 1043 1025 6.0   De Ridder LA USA EM30hs   20090814 - Doug Springfield reports DR/385 has changed to DXB/385 AZ CA CO FL IL LA MI MN MO NC OH OR SC TN TX 147 2017-10-28
385 EHM 1035 1040 8.4   Cape Newenham AK ALS AO88xp 100   FIN HWA AK AL AZ BC CA MT OR TX UT WA YT HI 491 2018-01-11
385 EMR 1055 1025 2073   'Emory' Augusta GA USA EM93al     AZ BC CA CO CT FL GA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO MS NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WI WV 326 2018-01-02
385 HO 1053 1009 5.9   'Hossy' Hot Springs AR USA EM34jk     AZ BC CA CO GA IL IN LA MA MI MN MO MS NC NE NS NY OH ON OR SC TN TX VA WA 210 2018-01-02
385 JD 1063 1031 6.1   'Gooey' Belleville IL USA EM58dl     AZ BC CA CO GA IA IL IN MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WI 207 2018-01-09
385 LN 1063 1025 5.969   'Potts' Lincoln NE USA EN10or     AB AZ BC CO IA IL MI MN MO MT NC NE OH OR TX 139 2017-12-30
385 LUR 1036 1036 8.2   Cape Lisburne AK ALS AP68xu     DEU ENG FIN FRA HOL NOR SCT SWE AK BC OR YT HI 43 2018-01-20
385 LY 1018 1022 8.599   'Bojar' Evington VA USA FM07jg     IL MD ME MI NC NH NY OH SC VA 30 2017-10-30
385 MR 1047 1012 4.4   'Munso' Monterey CA USA CM96ao 50 'T' ant; 25W rptd (WWSU) AZ BC CA CO ID IL MD MN MT NV OR TX UT WA 253 2017-12-15
385 OCC 1032 1032 8.3 TWEB 'Ocean Cape' Yakutat AK ALS CO09dn   TWEB AB AK AZ BC CA OR WA YT HI 263 2018-01-11
385 PTP 402 403 10.30 ID+6" gap Pointe a Pitre   GDL FK96eg     ESP FRA BRB DOM AZ CO FL IL ME MI MO NC NH NS OH QC TX VA 71 2018-01-08
385 QV 400 389 10.40 DAID Yorkton SK CAN DO81rf 100   AB AZ BC CA CO GA ID IL IN MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NY OH ON OR TN TX UT WA 319 2017-12-01
385 TKL 965 977 4.5   'Tikal' Santa Elena Y Flores (Peten)   GTM EK56bv   Was FLS-385; cont. slow ID AZ CA CO FL GA IL LA MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NS NY OH OR QC SC TN TX UT VA 282 2017-12-24
385 UWL 1020 1014 6.53   New Castle IN USA EM79iv 25   AZ BC CA CO FL GA IA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO MS NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC SC TN TX VA WI 213 2017-12-31
385 WL ~400 404 9.8 DAID Williams Lake BC CAN CO92ad 500   FIN SWE AB AZ BC CA CO GA ID IL MA MI MN MO MT NC NE NH NM NS NV NY OH ON OR QC TN TX UT VA WA WI YT HI 704 2018-01-07
385 YNC 397 384 10.5 DAID Wemindji QC CAN FO03oa 25   ESP AZ CA CO CT IL IN MA MD MI MN MO NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC TN TX VA WV 208 2018-01-02
385 ZNS   395 47 DAID 'Midtown' Halifax NS CAN FN84gx 25 Was J-385 ENG ESP SCT IL MA ME NB NC NH NJ NS NY ON QC TX 77 2017-12-26
385 3M   396 10.19 DAID Drayton Valley Industrial AB CAN DO23mg     AB BC CO IL MN MT NC OR TX UT WA 50 2015-10-26
385 ARA 1022 1019 8.64   Araracuara   CLM FI39tj   20071229 reported by Vernon Matheson and Steve Ratzlaff Changed from 365khz as per Notam Sept 7/07 CO IL MI NC NH NS NY OH OR TX 63 2015-02-19
385 BA 1025 1025 8.60   'Babco' St Paul MN USA EN34mu   2014-11-21 Paul Thompson reports that it is now back on the air! AB CO IL MI MN MO NC OR TX 86 2017-03-11
385 BF 1058 1007 8.0   'Niley' Bakersfield CA USA DM05mi 25 20091024 - Reported DCMSD by Don Tomkinson AZ CA NV OR UT WA 114 2009-10-25
385 COM   1020     Coleman TX USA EM01hu 25   AZ CA CO IL OR TX 25 2006-10-13
385 DR 1041 1025 6.011   'Idder' De Ridder LA USA EM30hs   20090814 - Doug Springfield reports that DR/385 has changed ID to DXB/385 AZ CA CO FL GA IL LA MI MS NC NY OH ON OR TX VA 70 2009-06-19
385 DYB         Unknown   XUN       TX 1 1999-12-22
385 EOP 1022 1018 6.106   'Waverly' Pike County Airport OH USA EM89me 25 ''Heard very infrequently; but loud when it is there'' (Andy Robins, 2005-02-24) 20070928 Don Thomkinson provided corrected information on this beacon. CO IL MA MI MO NC NH NJ NY OH ON OR TN TX VA 58 2014-12-22
385 EVO         East Liverpool OH USA EN90qq     WV 1 1993-01-17
385 FLS             GTM EK56bw   Now TKL-385 MS SC 2 1997-12-03
385 GAI 1018 1020 5.18   Gaithersburg MD USA FM19ke   2014-08-25 Michael Oexner reports that has been or will be Decommissioned. CT DC IL MA MD MI NB NC NH NS NY OH ON PA TX VA 69 2012-09-22
385 GYB 1023 1025     'Lee County' Giddings TX USA EM10me 25 +2070 Hz rptd AZ CO IL TX 14 2007-02-01
385 HYX   1010 5.463   'Browne' Saginaw MI USA EN83bk 25 20091109 - Don Tomkinson reports it has been DCMSND / fast, continuous ID CA CT IL IN MA MD ME MI MN NC NS NY OH ON OR PA TN TX VA WV 112 2009-04-13
385 J           NS CAN FN84gx   Now ZNS-385 CA NL NS 3 2001-12-16
385 SCG 1019 1020 31   'Scott' Crane Lake MN USA EN38sg   AWOS-3 BC CO IL MI MN OH OR TX 29 2012-01-12
385 TEO 1018   7.6 ID+5" gap Toledo   ESP IM79tx   INACTIVE - EX TLD DEU ENG ESP FRA GSY HOL ITA SAR SVN MD 72 2010-12-30
385 UR 1031 1049 5.73   'Orchy' New York NY USA FN30cu     IL MA MI NC NH NJ NS NY ON 25 2012-01-03
385 VTA         Unknown   XUU     2005-11-28 Steve McDonald writes: 'VTE with DAID the space between the 'E' and the dash very short...more like VTA, with the 'A' having a long dash. Fast cycle.' BC 1 2005-11-18
385 WL 402 397 5.0   Barrow / Walney Isl   ENG IO84id     BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GSY HOL IRL ITA NIR NOR SCT SWE CO 337 2017-02-01
385 X   399   DAID Toronto ON CAN FN03fr   Now ZDH-385 IL ON 3 2002-12-10
385 ZDH 394 385 10.461 DAID 'Rexdale' Riverhead Park (Toronto) ON CAN FN03fr 50 Was X-385 - going off the air permanently on October 12, 2017. 2017 10 12 - Alex pulled the plug CO CT FL GA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TN TX VA WI 188 2017-10-12

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