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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
379 BRA 1040 1036 7.980   'Broad River' Asheville NC USA EM85sg     AL AZ BC CA CO CT FL GA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO MS MT NB NC NE NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX USA VA WA WV 433 2018-01-02
379 DL 1060 1018 5.9 TWEB 'Pykla' Duluth MN USA EN36tu   TWEB with continuous ID FIN AB AZ BC CA CO IL IN MA MD MI MN MO MT NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC TN TX UT VA WA WI 145 2018-01-09
379 IWW 1045 1036 8.3   'Wildwood' Kenai AK ALS BP40jo 1000   AK BC CA MT OR TX UT WA YT HI 161 2017-11-29
379 LRR 1044 1026 7.9   'Allen Parish' Oakdale LA USA EM30pp     AZ CA CO FL IL KS LA MI MN MO MS NB NC NE OH OR SC TN TX USA VA 207 2017-07-31
379 MDE 1023 1019 8.600   'Madeira' Cincinnati OH USA EM79tf     CO FL IL IN MA MD MI MN MO NC NH NS NY OH ON SC TN TX VA 126 2018-01-03
379 OW 1051 1030 6.084   'Tonna' Owatonna MN USA EN34kb 25 ULS WRLB2051 AB AZ BC CA CO CT IA IL IN KS MA MD MI MN MO MS MT NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WA WI 258 2018-01-09
379 RUE 1060 1117 5.734   Russellville AR USA EM35kg 25   AZ CA CO FL IL MI MN MO MS NC NE OH OR TN TX VA 87 2018-01-06
379 UG 1021 1015 8.600   'Wauke' Waukegan (Chicago) IL USA EN62cl     CO IA IL IN MA MI MN MO NC ON QC SC TX VA WI 111 2017-12-26
379 YPQ 387 390 10.44 DAID Peterborough ON CAN FN04sf 25   AZ BC CO CT IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA WV 290 2018-01-10
379 ACZ 1019 1008 6.349   'Pendy' Wallace NC USA FM04xr 25 2012-06-17 Michael Oxener reports its been deleted -- 20100928 - Don Tomkinson reports its OTS FL IL MD MI MN NC NH NS NY OH ON TX VA 59 2010-06-18
379 CM         Channel-Port Aux Basques NL CAN GN07jn     MS OH ON 4 1997-09-28
379 CNQ 1022 1017     'Callahan' Roanoke VA USA EM97wg   2015 05 18 - DECOM per George Muha NJ VA 3 2013-07-09
379 FSK 974 1050 7.188   Fort Scott KS USA EM27ot 25   AZ BC CA CO FL IL KS MA MD MI MN MO MT NC NH NS NY OH ON OR PA TN TX UT WA 142 2012-11-26
379 FZI   1011 6.706   Fostoria OH USA EN81he 25   CO IL MA MD MI MN NB NC NS NY OH ON OR TX VA 109 2013-10-15
379 G         Edmonton AB CAN DO33gj   Now ZEG-379 AB CA CO 8 2002-11-19
379 GKQ 1040       'Linden', Newark NJ USA FN20vq 400   AB 1 1990-12-01
379 HS 1010       'Marbe' Houston TX USA EM20hb   Now listed by FAA as off air (Michael Oexner, 2006-09-02) CA CO 3 2005-10-30
379 IVV 1035 1036 8.294   'White River' Lebanon (Hartland, VT) NH USA FN33sn 25 John Collins notes that IVV is located in Hartland VT and serves the Lebanon, NH airport CT IL MA MD ME MI NB NC NH NJ NS NY ON QC VA 89 2015-10-18
379 ML         Milledgeville GA USA EM83jd   Now 380-UMB? If not- Still Active? IL MS NH NJ ON SC 8 2016-12-27
379 PSH   1030     Parshall ND USA DN87ww     CO MN OR 3 2003-11-21
379 PUU 1052 1014 8.0   'Pulliam' Flagstaff AZ USA DM45dd 49   AZ CA CO NV OR TX UT 66 2007-04-05
379 SF 1050 1030 6.0   'Brijj' San Francisco CA USA CM87un 25 2011-06-01 -- Don Tomkinson reports that it has been deccommissioned. AZ BC CA CO MT OR UT WA 175 2011-05-29
379 SGT   1103 5.7   UNID   XUN       CO IL KS MO OH SC 8 2017-01-15
379 TL 1033 1018 6.0   'Wakul' Tallahassee FL USA EM70th 400 2012-10-14 Michael Oexner reports that its been deleted -- CYM AZ CA CO FL IL KS MA MD MI MN MO MS NB NC NH NS NY OH ON OR PA SC TN TX USA VA WV 207 2012-04-28
379 UNE 1016 1023 4.238   'Union County' Creston IA USA EN20tw   2015 03 22 Decom in August 2014 per Don Tomkinson AZ CO IA ID IL KS MA MI MN MO MT NC NE NS NY OH ON OR TN TX VA WA 126 2014-03-23
379 YBE   408 9.8 ID+5" tone Uranium City SK CAN DO59rn 500   ENG HOL NOR SWE AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MS MT NC NS NV NY OH OR TX UT VA WA YT HI 249 2014-12-29
379 ZEG   395 10.54 DAID Nisku (Edmonton Intl) AB CAN DO33gj 50 Was G-379 AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MT NC NV OR TX UT WA 213 2016-05-30

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