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    [ William Hepburn's LF List ]
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RWW 15271

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Locations 323
Loggings 412303
First log 15 Feb 1986
Last log 17 Feb 2018

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs First Logged Last Logged
277 ACE 1035 1037 6.0 TWEB 'Kachemak' Homer AK ALS BO49gp     FIN AK BC CA OR WA HI 101 2003-12-04 2018-01-26
277 OT 1048 1046 7.9   'Wondd' Worthington MN USA EN23go     AZ BC CA CO IA IL IN MA MI MN MO MT NC NE NS NY OH ON OR TN TX VA WI 170 1999-10-30 2018-02-09
277 YLC   406 10.353 DAID Kimmirut NU CAN FP52bu 1000   FIN HOL NOR SCT SWE AZ CA CO FL GRL IL IN MA MI MO NC NH NS NY OH ON OR QC TX UT YT 151 2000-12-06 2018-02-12
277 1B       DAID Sable Island NS CAN FN93xw     NB NL NS 5 2001-10-03 2003-01-01
277 GHH 1040       Unknown   XUN     E/W direction OR 1 2004-05-12 2004-05-12
277 M2   410     Humboldt SK CAN DO72ke     AB 2 1988-10-31 1990-12-20
277 TM   390 7.15   Unknown   XUN     UNID; very slow ID CA 2 2003-01-07 2005-12-16
277 TST   1034 4.81   Unknown   XUU     Believed to be TWT 276 (Chris Steele, 2004-12-19); Spectran captures- 'TST' and 'TWT' made minutes apart available- (Jim Smith 2005-01-05) 2008-11-13 Doug Springfield reports I found UNID TST-277 to be stongest when the K9AY pointed to the NE. The cycle times for TST-277 and TWT-276 were the same (+/- 0.01s). They also appeared to be simultaneous when I captured them (both had IDs starting at "exactly" 04:44:40 utc). MI TX 3 2004-10-29 2008-11-13
277 V2 1033 1041 8.2 DAID Humboldt SK CAN DO72ke     AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NH OH OR TX UT WA 111 2003-12-18 2015-09-26
277 VIT 1020 1020 8.600   Vinton VA USA FM07be   20070924 -reported by Don Ward IL NC NJ NY OH TX VA 18 2007-09-24 2016-02-11

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