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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
254 5B 413 405 10.2 DAID Summerside PE CAN FN86bj 250   ENG FIN FRA HOL NOR SCT SWE AZ CO CT FL IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NE NH NJ NL NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TN TX VA VT YT 381 2017-12-28
254 BOZ 1017 1020 8.600   'Whiteside' Sterling / Rock Falls IL USA EN51cr 25   AZ CO IA IL IN MI MN MO NC OH OR TX WI 114 2018-01-01
254 CAT 1041 1035 7.94   Chatham NJ USA FN20sr   2014-08-26 George Muha reports that it is mis-keying as CUT. This beacon appears to have history of various ID's. If it has undergone recent maint perhaps CUT is its new ID. -- 2012-10-01 - Jim Minor reports its now mus-keying as CUT or CUI 2011-09-17 Craig LeRoy reports its mis-keying as CEM +1037 -1041 CT IL MA MD MI NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC TX VA 116 2017-12-26
254 EV   400 9.99 DBID Inuvik NT CAN CP38eh 500   FIN NOR SWE AB AK AZ BC CA CO IL MI MO NC ON OR TX UT WA YT HI 127 2018-01-13
254 HLB 1019 1021 5.61   Batesville IN USA EM79ii   2011-10-10 -- Dave Tomakso reports a 6 sec cycle on an offset of 399 and 30 sec cycle on usual 1017 offset . -- 20091109 Joe Fahrenholtz reports HLB is sending two sets of IDs on two different pairs of offsets, one at +1020/-1019 and another at +1029/-1027 AND with the automated weather sideband! In addition, the +1029/-1027 offsets are the more 'normal' (~6.2 sec) cycle, while the +1020/-1019 offset is a much longer (~33.0 sec) cycle, associated with the voice sideband - Andy Robbins reports it is now keying normally no longer on a 33 sec cycle -- 33 second cycle with long pause reported by Steve R 20061203. AZ CO FL IL IN MA MI MN MO NC NH NS NY OH ON OR TN TX VA WI 127 2017-10-20
254 LLW 1058 1043 8.30   'Woodville' Elizabeth City NC USA FM16ug     AZ CO CT FL IL MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA SC TX VA VT 197 2018-01-11
254 MB 1047 1036 6.126   Manistee MI USA EN64wg     FL IL MI MO NC TX WI 46 2017-12-31
254 SM   405 10.24 DAID Fort Smith AB CAN DO49bx 400 TX in Alberta, but shown as in NT - sorry guys! AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE NV OH OR TX UT WA HI 221 2017-12-31
254 ZYC 400 374 10.24 DAID Calgary AB CAN DO21xe 25   AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MT NC NV OR TX UT WA 254 2017-11-29
254 AWR         Window Rock AZ USA DM55lp   Rptd OTA 2003-11-12 (Jim Smith); One theory (Dick Palmer 2003-11-13) was that this station has never BEEN active. However, Dave Tomasko has heard it in AZ. AZ 1 2002-12-26
254 BDD 1040 1056 7.2   'Bellgrade' Brookport IL USA EM57pd   2013-04-01 Michael Oexner reports its been deleted CO IL MI NC TN TX 18 2009-01-26
254 DTS   376 7.9   Destin FL USA EM60sj 25 2011-03-11 - Michael Oexner reports it is deleted or planned to be deleted. IL MI MS NC TN TX 13 2008-03-09
254 E         Calgary AB CAN DO21xe   Now ZYC-254 CA CO IL 5 2002-01-27
254 ENY 1016 1016 6.215   'Kennedy' Ashland WI USA EN46nn 25 20110425 - Michael Oexner reports it is deleted or planned to be deleted. CA CO CT IL MI MN NC NY OH ON OR TX VA 45 2010-02-17
254 EUD 1052 968 4.628   York PA USA FM19nw 25 2014-08-25 Michael Oexner reports that has been or will be Decommissioned. CO CT IL MA MD MI MN MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA TX VA 109 2013-01-02
254 FPY   1030     Foley FL USA EL89ex 25 Decommissioned IL MS 5 2003-02-01
254 GS 1037 1036 6.513   'Marky' Greensboro NC USA EM96xe     IL NC OH TX 37 2012-12-25
254 ILJ 1040 1030     'Willard' Springfield MO USA EM37gh   2013-10-25 Dick Palmer reports its decommissioned AZ CO IL MI MS OH OR PA TX 35 2007-02-01
254 RA 1042 1035 7.9   'Ranch' Rapid City SD USA DN83mx     AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE NV OH ON OR SD TN TX UT WA 205 2015-03-19
254 SPK         Reno (Sparks) NV USA DM09dq 200 DCMSND AB 2 1991-01-05
254 TB   1012 10.4 DAID 'Skeena' Terrace BC CAN CO54ql     BC OR 3 2005-02-27
254 XCS         Unknown   XUU     UNID ''South of the Border'' (1998-12-24 Ray Rocker) MS 1 1998-12-24

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