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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
242 3E 1030     DAID Platform (See comments)   XON GN03bq   Galaxy Platform, offshore Sable Island, NS; in one source; North Triumph Platform, NS in another - DAID? IL MA ME NB NC NH NS NY 27 2017-11-26
242 EL 1035 1046 8.2   'Valtr' El Paso TX USA DM61uu 400   AZ BC CA CO FL IL LA MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NM NV OH OR TN TX UT WA 397 2017-10-29
242 GGE 1054 1033 5.076   Georgetown SC USA FM03ih     FL IL MA MI MO NC NH NY OH SC TX VA 50 2017-12-04
242 HN   ~1030     'Ewabe' Honolulu HI HWA BL01xh 25 2012-06-27 reported back on the air 2012-05-31 Don tomkinson reports its OTS till Aug 6, 2012 OR WA HI 41 2017-12-26
242 LE 1040 1032 6.440   'Blayd' Lexington KY USA EM77qx     BC CO IL IN ME MI MO NC NH NS NY OH OR TN TX VA 63 2017-12-26
242 LKG 1020 1020 6.684   'Lindbergh' Americus GA USA EM72we 25   AZ CO FL IL IN MA MI MO MS NC NY OH ON OR SC TN TX VA 118 2018-01-12
242 MMI 1024 1021 5.12   'Mc Minn Co.' Athens TN USA EM75rj 25   AZ BC CA CO CT FL GA IL IN MA MD MI MN MO NC NE NH NJ NY OH ON OR QC SC TN TX VA WI 174 2018-01-10
242 XC 403 403 10.42 DAID Cranbrook BC CAN DN29cq 400 +1018 Hz rptd AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MT NC NE NM NV OH ON OR QC SD TN TX UT VA WA HI 468 2017-12-30
242 ZT 4 404 10.0 DAID Port Hardy BC CAN CO60gq 500   AB AK AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NV OH OR TX UT WA YT HI 295 2017-12-30
242 5   1055     UNID   XUN       AZ 1 2010-01-26
242 BKZ 1025 1020     Brinkley AR USA EM44jv 25 20090830 - Michael Oexner reports its been deleted AR AZ CO IL MI TN TX 11 2009-11-15
242 CL 1038 1038 7.245   'Tryon' Charlotte NC USA EM95ld     IL MI NC NJ NY OH TX VA 59 2013-07-14
242 CUH 952 920 5.99   Cushing OK USA EM15ov 25   AZ BC CA CO FL GA IL LA MI MN MO MS NC NM NS OH ON OR TN TX UT WA 142 2011-12-30
242 DR         Broadview SK CAN DO80qj 25   AB 3 1990-12-25
242 EDJ 1043 1040 7.6   Bellefontaine OH USA EN80ci   Replaced RUV-326 off the air since 2003 (Andy Robins, 2004-08-23) CO IL MI MN NS NY ON OR PA VA 20 2005-06-17
242 EFK 1015 1020     Newport VT USA FN34vw 25   IL ME MI NB NH NS NY ON 18 2006-03-27
242 FTO 1020 1015     'Yukon River' Fort Yukon AK ALS BP76jn     AK YT 3 2014-08-05
242 GM 1030 1040 8.230   'Teels' Milwaukee WI USA EN52xv 25 2012-10-31 Don Tomkinson reports its been decommissioned -- Rptd miskeying as 'MT' by Joe Mann (2005-10-19) Also earlier Dave Tomasko logged MT and suspected GM: 'Probably GM Miskey' (2005-09-25) AZ BC CA CO CT IL IN MA MD MI MN MO NC NH NS NY OH ON OR TX VA WI 104 2011-12-25
242 HWQ 1053 978 7.13   Harlowton MT USA DN56ck 80 'T' antenna AB AZ BC CA CO IL MT OR TX UT WA 83 2014-05-26
242 MC     8.0   Unknown   XUN     UNID; may be ''AC''; 240 kHz?; no DAID AZ 1 2003-11-19
242 MEZ   1020     Mena AR USA EM24vn 25 Thanks Al Burzynski: 'I sent an e-mail to Mr. Dariel Baker, Airport Manager at Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport, asking him about the status of NDBs VM-352, MEZ-242, and DEQ-281. This is his reply: ''MEZ-242kHz has been decommissioned, VM-259 kHz frequency has been changed to 352kHz. I know of no change to the DeQueen NDB. Hope this helps. Dariel Baker'' It was very nice of him to answer a hobby enthusiast' AZ CO IL MI MS OR TX 20 2005-02-10
242 PJN 1032 1050 7.726   'Plantation' Fort Lauderdale FL USA EL96vd   2011-03-11 - Michael Oexner reports it is deleted or planned to be deleted. AZ CO FL IL MA MI MS NC NY OH ON OR PA TX VA 53 2009-02-16
242 SY 1038 1031 8.1   'Kirki' Syracuse NY USA FN13xc     NY ON 8 2007-01-23
242 YMY 379 410 10.474 DAID Ear Falls ON CAN EO30hr 50   AB AZ CA CO CT FL IL MA MD MI MN MO MS NC NS NY OH ON OR PA TX UT VA 109 2011-10-11

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