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RNA only 3143
REU only 8581
RNA + REU 2391
RWW 16817

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Locations 411
Loggings 567746
First log 15 Feb 1986
Last log 21 Jun 2022

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Listeners Logs First Logged Last Logged
241 YLL 400 373 10.2 DAID Lloydminster AB CAN DO43xh 14 YLL 241 Lloydminster Municipal Apt, AB, u/s NOTAM to 1Apr21 /// u/s extended to 20Mar22: FIN AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NE NV NY OH OR TX UT VA WA 50 308 1988-12-18 2020-09-13
241 4F   408     Galaxi 2 Platform NS CAN FN93vv   Was on 233. NJ NS 2 4 2009-12-26 2013-10-11
241 AT 1040 1030 8.1   Unknown   XUU     Jim Smith writes (2005-10-16): 'Might also be ''W''. Faded out more than once while I was looking at it. 8.1 second cycle. No dash present. All three of the elements of the Morse for this beacon were different lengths. The longest was about .6 seconds' CO 1 1 2005-10-15 2005-10-15
241 ECY 1021 1015 6.17   Elk City OK USA EM05hk   Hope you heard this one while it was there. On the air from Jan 05 until Sept 05 this was 241-EZY with its keyer misprogrammed. Removed from the air until it is corrected. Watch for 241-EZY to come back on the air soon. And yet... Fred Mooney heard it again afterwards! AZ CO IL NE OR 7 13 2004-01-03 2005-10-16
241 EW         'Chesa' Newark NJ USA FN20vo     MA MD NJ NY 4 9 1999-10-16 2007-02-12
241 EZY 1024 1023 6.15   Elk City OK USA EM05hk   OTS according to Airnav (Chris Steele, 2004-11-29) [Was back as 241-ECY for a while. Should be fixed soon. ] - update, logged on 20051023 by Al Burzynski -- 20090903 - Mark Moulding reports now deleted by FAA AZ CA CO IL LA MI OH OR TX 15 31 2000-11-18 2007-11-09
241 HF   411 10.2 DAID Hearst / Rene Fontaine ON CAN EN89dq 100 Decom 04 25 2019 ..2011-11-19 Anthony Casorso reports it is iding as 3 cycles with DAID followed by 3 cycles without DAID FIN AZ BC CA CO CT IA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO MT NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC TN TX UT VA VT WA WI WV 94 352 1995-11-26 2019-03-24
241 PVG 1028 1010 6.073   'Portsmouth' Norfolk VA USA FM16ss 25 Opr by State of Virginia not the U.S. Navy IL MA MD MI NC NS NY OH PA TX VA 20 44 2000-11-18 2009-06-19
241 SX 1043   6.159   Peste   VIR FK77nq   INACTIVE - 2011-12-08 Michael Oexner reports that it has been or will be deleted. NC 1 1 2009-01-24 2009-01-24
241 VBW   1018 5.595   Bridgewater VA USA FM08mi   2011-07-28 - Michael Oexner reports that it is has been decommissioned or is planned to be decommissioned. CT IL MD MI NC NH NS NY OH ON PA TX VA 18 50 1996-12-28 2010-01-17
241 VKX         'Potomac' Friendly MD USA FM18mr 25 Was listed OTS at AirNav.com; Now listed by FAA as off air (Michael Oexner, 2006-09-02) MD 1 3 2004-11-15 2005-02-02
241 YGT   416 9.82 DAID Igloolik NU CAN EP99cj   !!* Decom .. Decom per NAVAIDs Modernization Program phase 2 DEU ENG FIN FRA HOL ISL LVA NIR NOR RUS SCT SWE AZ BC CA CO GRL IL MA MI MN MO MT NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR TX WA WI 81 273 2001-01-03 2020-03-16

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