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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
227 9X   371 10.28 DAID Brooks AB CAN DO40ap 50   AB AZ BC CA CO IL MO MT OR TX UT WA 109 2017-12-31
227 AB 1041 1039 5.92   'Putny' Albany GA USA EM71uk     FL IL MO NC OH SC TN TX VA 36 2018-01-13
227 CG   410 10.2   Castlegar BC CAN DN19fk     AZ BC CA CO ID IL ME MN MO MT NV ON OR QC TX UT WA 153 2017-12-14
227 CPC 1026 1023 8.381   'Camp' Whiteville NC USA FM04pg 25   CO FL IL MD MI MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR SC TX VA 113 2017-03-26
227 FZ 1021 1019 8.6   'Eaves' St. Louis MO USA EM48rq     AZ BC CA CO IA IL MI MN MO NC NE NH NY OH OR TN TX WI 147 2017-12-30
227 GW 1033 1032 7.907   'Aubon' De Kalb County, Auburn IN USA EN71mh   Positive ID by Bill Hohnstein KØHA - for the record, here's what others found when trying to track this one down: 'From the west' (Dave Tomasko, 2005-03-18) 'SE from Chicago, Daytimer' (Joe Mann, 2005-03-06) 'must be in my backyard. It's quite loud in broad daylight, totally obliterating SQ in Connersville, Indiana. GW rivals GR-263 (Grand Rapids, MI) and SB-341 (South Bend, Indiana) in strength. Both are about 50 miles away from me. I'd say GW is definitely in southwestern Michigan, northern Indiana, or northwestern Ohio' (Andy Robins, 2005-03-18) AZ CO IA IL IN MI MN MO NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC TX VA WI 142 2018-01-05
227 MHM 405 404     Minchumina AK ALS BP33uv     FIN AK BC OR WA YT 25 2017-01-30
227 SQ 1035 1037 5.871   'Pnthr' Connersville IN USA EM79ks     CO FL IL IN MI MN MO NC NH NS NY OH ON OR TX WI 108 2018-01-06
227 TAN   1016 5.141   Taunton MA USA FN41lv     CT FL IL MA MD ME MI NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON QC TX VA VT 107 2017-12-31
227 TNZ 1037 1031 6.07   'Lawrence Co.' Walnut Ridge AR USA EM46me 25   AZ CA CO FL IL LA MA MI MN MO MS NC NE NH OH ON OR TN TX VA 182 2017-12-28
227 UZ 1034 1045 5.872   'Rally' Rock Hill SC USA EM94lv 25   AZ CO FL IL IN MA MD MI MO NC NH NJ NY OH ON OR PA SC TX VA 110 2018-01-14
227 YAC   387 10.5 DAID Cat Lake ON CAN EO41cr 25   AB AZ BC CA CO CT IL IN MA MI MN MO NC NE NH NS NY OH ON OR QC TN TX UT VA WI 199 2018-01-13
227 1K   400   DAID Zama Lake AB CAN DO09na     BC 1 2005-02-27
227 BG 1032 1032     'Totte' Bangor ME USA FN54pr     IL MA ME MN NB NH NS NY ON 13 2007-12-01
227 CLD 1014 1014 10.34   Caldera   CHL FG42ow 1000   BRA CA CO IL NC NS OH OR TX 25 2016-01-04
227 LA 1025 1041 6.063   'Wirey' Lakeland FL USA EL87xw     AZ FL MD MS NC TX 20 2012-02-23
227 LCE 1019 1015 4.04   'Goloson' La Ceiba (Atlantida)   HND EK65nr 400 ''LCE E'' rptd AZ CO FL MS NC OH OR TX 58 2012-11-24
227 MPR 1002 1006 6.96   Mc Pherson KS USA EM18di 25 2013-09-29 Don Tomkinson reports its been decommissioned AZ BC CA CO IL LA MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NM NS NV NY OH ON OR PA TN TX UT VA WA 190 2012-12-12
227 PK         Pitt Meadows BC CAN CN89pf 80   AB 1 1990-12-22
227 RJD           VA USA FM28bx     ON 1 2002-01-05
227 SH 1014       Unknown   XUN       BC 1 2013-09-30
227 SJY 1025 1000 6.3   San Jacinto CA USA DM13mt   Rptd OTA from 2004-11-08 to 2004-11-28 (Don Tomkinson 2004-11-28), then NOTAM rptd OTS again (Don, 2006-09-05, 2006-09-20 and 2006-10-07) AZ BC CA CO NV OR UT 126 2006-09-01
227 SLB         Storm Lake IA USA EN22jo 25 Now SLB-434 AB IL 2 2004-12-23
227 SZO 1006 1031 7.94   'Sebago' Fryeburg ME USA FN43ov 25   CT IL MA MD ME MI MN NB NC NH NS NY ON QC VA VT 76 2014-03-30
227 TN 1041 1042 7.23   'Monry' Trailtown (Miami) FL USA EL95lu     FL IL NC TX 14 2017-01-01

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