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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
201 BV 1038 1042 5.78   'Dewie' Bartlesville OK USA EM16xu     AZ BC CA CO IL MI MO NC OH OR TN TX 113 2017-12-31
201 CE 398 398 6.207   'Kobra' Crestview FL USA EM60ru     FL IL MO MS NC OH TN TX 21 2017-12-26
201 GL   409 10.293 DAID La Grande Riviere QC CAN FO13dp 500   BC CA CO IL MA MD MI MN MO MT NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR QC TN TX VA VT 201 2017-12-30
201 IP 1021 1019 4.2   Mobile AZ USA DM33tc 25 2014-01 Bob Coomler passes along that the Avionics Supervisor for the Lufthansa training facility in Mobile, AZ about the "new improved" IP. they installed a new Southern Avionics SE 125 transmitter running 25 watts they also repaired the Ant counter poise. Also it is solar powered. 2015 02 25 Bob Coomler reports lower offset is weak AZ BC CA CO IL MO MT NC NE OR TN TX UT WA 175 2017-12-28
201 RI   406 9.89 DAID Riviere Du Loup QC CAN FN57fs 200   AZ IL MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON QC TX VA 146 2017-12-30
201 YIF   393 10.0   St. Augustin QC CAN GO01qe     CA IL MA ME MO NJ NS QC 17 2017-12-26
201 YKX 409 406 10.1 DAID Kirkland Lake ON CAN FN08bf 200   AZ BC CA CO IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC SC TN TX UT VA 224 2018-01-14
201 YVZ   387 10.60 DAID Deer Lake ON CAN EO22xp 25   AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MO MT NC NH OH ON OR TX UT 104 2017-12-26
201 ZWN 380 380 10.54 DAID 'Downs' Winnipeg (Snowhill) MB CAN EN19ix   Was N-201 AZ BC CO IL MI MN MO MT NC OH ON OR TX VA WA 124 2017-11-27
201 ZXU   394 10.468 DAID 'Thames' London ON CAN EN92kx   Was U-201; rptd IDing 'U' after change (backup TX?) CO IL IN MD MI MN MO NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON PA QC TX VA 173 2018-01-13
201 APF         Naples FL USA EL96cd 25 Decommissioned FL MS 5 2003-12-26
201 COT 1013 1016 4.90   Cota 47   CTR EJ88ln     CO NC NS NY OH TX 17 2013-12-13
201 CZE 1018 1022 5.97   Clarksville AR USA EM33gl 25 2012-06-27 Don Tomkinson reports it is OTS AZ CO IL KS MI MO MS NC OH OR TN TX VA 53 2011-09-11
201 DED           FL USA EL99ib     MS ON 2 2000-12-28
201 ETO           FL USA EM20wi     MS 2 2000-01-22
201 GV 1055 1038 5.4   'Major' Greenville TX USA EM13xd   2012-08-31 Dave Tomasko reports hearing it still IDing as GV -- 2012-06-26 Doug Springfiled reports that its ID may have been changed to SH-201 AZ BC CA CO FL IL LA MD MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NH NM NS NY OH ON OR TN TX VA WA 241 2016-11-30
201 M         Fort McMurray AB CAN DO46kp 25   AB 2 1990-12-29
201 MNE 1026 1030 7.657   Minden LA USA EM32ip   20110425 - Michael Oexner reports it is deleted or planned to be deleted. AZ CO IL LA MI MN MO MS NC NM NY OH OR TX 81 2010-12-29
201 MNN 1025 1041     Marion OH USA EN80lo 25 ''Not heard for quite awhile; was heard 24/7 previously'' (Andy Robins, 2005-02-24) CO IL OH ON TN 6 2007-12-24
201 N   395   DAID Downs / Winnipeg MB CAN EN19ix   Now ZWN-201 CO IL MI NB NL NS 8 2002-09-21
201 PEN 1028 1039 8.0   'Karpen' Astoria OR USA CN86ed   2014-08-25 Michael Oexner reports that has been or will be Decommissioned. BC CA OR WA 93 2014-10-27
201 RIO   1055     Rioja   PRU FI13kx     CO 1 2004-12-12
201 SH 1071 1034 4.736   'Major' Greenville TX USA EM13xd   2012-08-31 Dave Tomakso reports hearing GV-201 still on the air -- So perhaps SH-201 is somewhere else -- 2012-06-26 Doug Springfield reports this may be a new ID for GV-201 IL MO NC TX 4 2012-08-26
201 U   1000     London ON CAN EN92kx 50 Now ZXU-201 (since2003-10-30) AB CO IL NS NY OH ON 27 2003-11-15
201 X         Edmonton AB CAN DO33fm   Now ZXD-201 AB CA CO IL 10 2002-12-12
201 X   385   DAID Saskatoon SK CAN DO62qc   Now ZSK-201 AB CO IL 5 2002-03-27
201 YAQ         Kasabonika ON CAN EO53qm 50   AB 1 1990-12-28
201 ZDV   403 10.13 DAID Valois / Dorval QC CAN FN35ck     IL MI NC NH NS NY OH ON QC TX VA 31 2011-09-17
201 ZMC   387     Clearwater / Fort Mc Murray AB CAN DO46kp     AB BC OR 4 2006-11-09
201 ZSK   386 10.5 DAID Moonlake / Saskatoon SK CAN DO62qc   Information from John Botari: 'This formerly shared the site of the outer marker for Rwy 33 at Sasaktoon International Airport (CYXE). I can confirm that this beacon is now definitely gone. The buildings were torn down in 2006 and, after sitting as a vacant lot for several years, the site has been sold and is now occupied by two houses (constructed in 2011).' AB AZ CA CO IL OR 11 2008-07-05
201 ZXD 0 410 10.2 DAID Blatchford / Edmonton AB CAN DO33fl 250   AB AZ BC CA CO IL MN MO MT NC NV OR TX UT WA YT 197 2014-04-03
201 ZYD       DAID 'Reserve Mines' Sydney NS CAN FN96xf     MN NB NS 17 2007-12-30

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