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First log 15 Feb 1986
Last log 22 Sep 2018

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs First Logged Last Logged
282.5 RT 0 3 19.920 DAID Avera (Rurutu Island)   AUI BG47hn 100 long DAID; Iles Tubai, Fr. Polynesia TA AZ CA OR 388 2004-02-25 2018-08-07
284.5 MH 0 0 20.2 DAID Manihi Atoll (Tuamoto Archipelago)   TUA BH65xn 100 Long DAID; Manihi means 'the black pearl' TA AZ CA NE OR TX HI 346 2003-12-11 2018-08-07
314.5 SAC 400 400 5.4   UnKnown   XUN       CA CO FL IL MO OH TX 8 2014-09-21 2014-09-25
327.5 RE 2 8 20.0   Reao   TUA CH11sm   Heard by - Dick Palmer AZ CA OR 40 2008-07-10 2018-08-07
332.5 AA 0 2 17.5 DAID Tukuhora (Iles Tuamotu)   TUA BH72gp 25 Anaa Atoll Apt TA AZ CA IL NE OR TX 236 2004-03-17 2017-08-20
332.5 TS 1000 1021 20   Tokushima   JPN PM74hd     JPN KOR TWN AZ 6 2008-02-24 2017-02-24
356.5 OU 5   17.7 ID+11" tone Ouargla   ALG JM21rw     CNR EGY CYP AUT BAL BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC HNG HOL HRV ITA NIR POL RUS SAR SCT SCY SUI SVN SWE NB 553 1984-12-08 2018-03-11
366.5 NRA 371 439 4.30   Noble Regina Allen   XOE       ENG IL ME NH NS ON QC TX 17 2014-02-25 2018-08-25
368.5 ELU 1020 1020 9.7 ID+7" gap Luxembourg-Berg   LUX JN39eq 15   AUT BAL BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC HNG HOL HRV IRL ITA LUX LVA NIR NOR POL RUS SAR SCT SHE SUI SVN SWE NB NL 764 1981-02-25 2018-08-27
377.5 MO 398 405 10.00 DAID Teavaro (Moorea Island) (Iles du Vent)   OCE BH52cm 100 Temae Apt TA AZ CA NE OR TX WA HI 393 2003-11-15 2018-08-30
381.5 SJX 1028 1025 7.5   'St James' Beaver Island MI USA EN75fq 25 ULS WPXK796 - 20100404 - Ken Zichi reports the reverse key of SJX as FEETS is copyable on 381 KHz --- Notes from Andy Robins (2004-12-05): SJX actually has an offset of 1020 Hz, however the carrier is on 381.5 kHz. It's been there since the mid-1980's, at least. It apparently doesn't interfere with any other beacons, so neither the FCC nor the FAA seem to care. SJX is near the airfield for St. James, the only town on Beaver Island, Michigan, in northern Lake Michigan. The island has a very colorful history, including a Mormon colony in the mid-1800's that ended violently with the assassination of its leader ''King'' Strang (he had proclaimed the island an independent nation, although no one in Washington was impressed). In later years, the island was settled largely by immigrants from Ireland, who have reportedly kept their culture alive, especially music. AZ BC CA CO CT IA IL IN MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC TN TX VA WI 271 1999-03-01 2018-09-22
400.5 COD 1023 1016   ID+5" gap Codogno (LO)   ITA JN45sf   Province : Lodi EGY AUT BAL BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC HNG HOL HRV IRL ITA LVA NIR NOR POL POR RUS SAR SCT SCY SHE SUI SVK SVN SWE NS 750 1981-06-06 2018-09-21
402.07 SEN         UNID   XUN       CA 1 2016-01-28 2016-01-28
474.2 VE3EFF 0 1023     Arnprior ON CAN FN15sk   Jeff Milne 192 Jahn's Bay Rd Arnprior ON K7S 3G8 Canada IL 1 2016-08-23 2016-08-23
474.5 SA 1024 1019 5.5 ID+3" gap Darlowo   POL JO84ek     BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG FIN FRA GRC GSY HOL HRV ITA LVA NIR NOR POL RUS SAR SCT SHE SUI SVN SWE MA 265 2001-03-09 2018-09-17
283.5 NA 0 5   IDx2 + 54" tone Punta Lantailla   CNR IL38af   INACTIVE CNR MRC DEU ENG ESP FRA GRC HOL IRL ITA NIR NOR POR SAR SVN NB NS 257 2002-09-20 2008-10-03
284.5 MA 0 0     Cabo Machichaco   ESP IN83ok   INACTIVE (10-May-2004) AUT DEU DNK ENG FRA HNG HOL ITA NOR SAR SCT SWE NB 23 1996-03-30 2004-05-09
289.5 MY 0 0     Cabo Mayor   ESP IN83cl   INACTIVE DEU ENG FRA HOL ITA NIR NOR SAR NL 15 2002-11-01 2005-01-24
292.5 BA 0 0 35.0 IDx2 + 25" tone Estaca de Bares   ESP IN63ds   INACTIVE BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC GSY HOL HRV IRL ITA NIR NOR SAR SCT SCY SVN SWE WLS MA NB NL NS 287 2000-02-17 2007-07-26
295.5 PS         Cabo Penas   ESP IN73bp   INACTIVE DEU FRA HOL ITA SAR NB 8 2003-05-12 2004-04-13
296.5 FI 0 0 34.8 IDx2 +25" tone Cabo Finistere   ESP IN52iv   INACTIVE - WAS ON 288.5 CZE DEU ENG ESP FRA GRC HOL IRL ITA NIR NOR SAR SCT SWE MA NB NS 145 2001-02-10 2007-07-03
312.406 PU         Unknown   XUU       CO 1 2005-12-21 2005-12-21
320.5 XXB 1008 1004 6.939       XUN     2011-10-05 Douglas Springfield reports, based on various bearings taken during a trip to LA, that his conclusion is, XXB-320.5 is located in the Gulf of Mexico roughly 190 miles (165 nautical miles) south of New Orleans. This matches Al Burzynski's suggestion from Nov. 2009. CA CO IL LA MI MN NC OH TX 38 2009-07-07 2012-12-31
325.5 OB 1011 1020 7.5 DAID Obihiro   JPN QN12pp     KOR OR 3 2008-02-24 2009-10-19
331.5 TLF   4 28.0 ID+23" tone Toulouse / Francazal   FRA JN03oo   INACTIVE - NOW ON 332.0 BAL BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC GSY HOL HRV IRL ITA NIR NOR POL RUS SAR SCT SCY SUI SVN SWE NB 428 1983-12-03 2017-02-24
347.5 ANQ 1020 1020 US   Angola IN USA EN71kp 25 Decom per NFDD 203 - 2 10/20/2017 CO CT IL MA MI MN MO MS NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC SC TN TX VA 186 1995-12-01 2017-03-07
348.2 SHI         Unknown   XUU     Tom Homes (NC) (2005-01-31) 'It comes in best on the south flag' Fred Mooney (PA) (2005-02-01) 'I did copy SHI, and noticed THJ sounding like HJT. I didn't log SHI, but as I recall, in my case it appeared on the same frequency as THJ--changed from SHI to THJ as I was monitoring it. I thought SHI was THJ having keying problems. NC PA 2 2005-01-30 2005-01-31
359.5 CDN   11 29.0 ID+25" tone Chateaudun   FRA JN08qb 25 INACTIVE AUT BAL BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC GSY HOL HRV IRL ITA LVA NIR NOR POL SAR SCT SHE SUI SVN SWE NB 626 1983-04-04 2015-09-08
367.5 PNZ 1023 0 10.0 ID+5" gap Ponza (LT)   ITA JN60lv 40 INACTIVE - Province : Latina AUT BAL BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GRC HNG HOL HRV ITA MNE RUS SAR SCT SCY SVN SWE NS 346 1981-06-06 2010-04-04
369.5 NI 1000 1019 5 DAID Sado   JPN PM98eb   20080225 reported by Steve Ratzlaff JPN KOR OR 16 2008-02-22 2011-04-06
376.5 NA 1000 1022 5 DAID Naganuma   JPN QN03ta 100 2012-12-22 Michael Oexner reports it has been deleted JPN KOR FIN OR WA 20 2008-01-26 2011-04-06
393.25 RO             XUN       CA 1 2007-12-18 2007-12-18
396.5 PY 396 402 7.7 ID+5" gap Plymouth / City   ENG IO70wk   INACTIVE BEL CZE DEU DNK ENG ESP FIN FRA GSY HOL IRL ITA NIR NOR POR SAR SCT SVN SWE WLS NB 274 1990-03-11 2011-11-10
400.3 CC 0 0 4.0   Unknown   XUU     Also heard before as C continuously, now as groups of two. CA 1 2006-07-19 2006-07-19
401.305 C     4.0   Unknown   XUU     2011-04-29 By Request I have consolidated/merged reports of C on 401.3 and 402 to just this entry on 401.305. -- 2008-11-15 Phil Atchley reports. This UnID has been around at LEAST 3 years. I first reported it back in Oct 2005, mistaking it for Cuba. It's ACTUAL frequency is 401.3 KCs (mistakingly reported in RNA as being on 402). It's a little random in ID, sometimes a single 'C', sometimes 'CC' or 'CK'. It does NOT seem to have a carrier associated with it, which is why I report it at 401.3 'actual'. It is probably NOT a beacon per-se. AZ CA CO OR TX 37 2005-10-08 2011-04-23
412.5 MTU 13   11.1   Mitu (Vaupes)   CLM FJ41vg   Fabio Alberto Leon Bently Apt DOM AZ CA CO IL MI MS NC NS OR VA 60 1997-12-22 2010-12-29
414.5 RPB 1005 1030 6.0   'Republican' Belleville KS USA EM19et     AZ BC CA CO FL IA ID IL LA MA MD MI MN MO MT NC NE NH NM NS NV NY OH ON OR PA SD TN TX UT VA WA HI 346 2000-12-25 2012-10-08

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