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Thank You!

This service is offered guilt-free and without any form of commercial advertising as a gift to those who enjoy the hobby (art?) of NDB Listening.

I am incredibly grateful to our volunteer Editors and Administrators who selflessly give their time at great personal cost, but at no charge to the community.
Our Editors and Administrators are: Brian Keyte, Joachim Rabe, Joseph Miller - KJ80, Pat Vignoud, Peter Conway, Roelof Bakker and S M O'Kelley.
Without their tireless devotion this resource would simply not be able to continue operating.

Thanks also to those listeners who provide their logs for inclusion.

About our Server Hosting Costs

For the developer of this system there are one or two additional financial burdens to bear in terms of website hosting and domain registration.

DL380-G5 server hosting RXX system (circa 2015)
HP / Compaq DL380-G5 formerly used to host RXX system - we're now cloud based

The Paypal button below is provided to those persons who specifically want to offer financial support to offset some of these hosting costs.

Please feel under no obligation to do so.

As a guide, a single donation of $35 CAD would cover our website hosting costs for a month, while $14.70 CAD would pay for domain registration for a whole year.

Sincere thanks to you for visiting and using this site, and whether you choose to donate or not, please be blessed by it - you are the reason this site even exists.


Martin Francis

(May 24th, 2020)