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Signals Received in N & C America + Hawaii



This report shows awards for which only registered NDB List members may apply.

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NDB List Awards Devised by Andy Robins, Administered by Joseph Miller KJ8O

The NDB List Awards Program recognizes the achievements of radio hobbyists who DX non-directional radio beacons in the LF/MF frequency range (190 to 1800 kHz). These certificates are not intended as, nor should they be considered prizes in a 'contest'. They are tangible symbols of the hard work, dedication, technical skill and fun that goes along with our hobby.

These certificates are available at no cost to List members who send the appropriate information to the Awards Coordinator Joseph Miller KJ8O either directly or by means or this ordering system.Whenever possible, certificates will be sent electronically in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Those listeners unable to receive them this way should inform the Coordinator when requesting their certificates.

The awards certificate program has been designed so that virtually all listeners who desire them can get at least one in each category. The 'difficulty factor' in each ranges from modest to a level that even experienced listeners will find challenging. In setting these requirements, we have kept in mind the fact that the vast majority of List members are in either Europe or North America.

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