Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    201-APF Naples
(lat:26.1458, lon:-81.7917) 204-LCQ Lake City
(lat:30.1875, lon:-82.5417) 206-VNC Venice
(lat:27.0625, lon:-82.4583) 221-OR 'Henry'  Orlando
(lat:28.5208, lon:-81.4583) 227-LA 'Wirey'  Lakeland
(lat:27.9375, lon:-82.0417) 227-TN 'Monry'  Trailtown  (Miami)
(lat:25.8542, lon:-81.0417) 234-RYD Green Cove Springs
(lat:29.9792, lon:-81.625) 242-PJN 'Plantation'  Fort Lauderdale
(lat:26.1458, lon:-80.2083) 243-IAK Palatka
(lat:29.6458, lon:-81.7917) 245-SR 'Ringy'  Sarasota / Bradenton
(lat:27.3125, lon:-82.4583) 247-COI 'Merritt Island'  Cocoa / Titusville
(lat:28.3542, lon:-80.7083) 253-RHZ Zephyrhills
(lat:28.2292, lon:-82.125) 254-DTS Destin
(lat:30.3958, lon:-86.4583) 254-FPY Foley
(lat:29.9792, lon:-83.625) 257-SQT 'Satellite'  Melbourne
(lat:28.1042, lon:-80.7083) 260-MTH Marathon
(lat:24.7292, lon:-81.125) 261-CHN Wauchula
(lat:27.5208, lon:-81.875) 269-GN 'Wynds'  Gainesville
(lat:29.6875, lon:-82.2083) 270-TPF 'Knight'  Tampa
(lat:27.8958, lon:-82.4583) 275-BKK 'Tri County'  Bonifay
(lat:30.8542, lon:-85.625) 275-FPR Fort Pierce
(lat:27.4792, lon:-80.375) 286-#811 Key West
(lat:24.5625, lon:-81.625) 289-#809 Cape Canaveral
(lat:28.4792, lon:-80.5417) 312-#827 McDill A.F.B.  (Tampa)
(lat:27.8542, lon:-82.5417) 326-PKZ 'Pickens'  Pensacola
(lat:30.4375, lon:-87.2083) 329-ISM 'Kissimmee'  Orlando
(lat:28.2708, lon:-81.4583) 329-SMY 'Soyya'  Marianna
(lat:30.8542, lon:-85.2083) 332-FIS 'Fish Hook'  Key West
(lat:24.5625, lon:-81.7917) 332-HEG 'Herlong'  Jacksonville
(lat:30.2708, lon:-81.7917) 332-PL 'Palee'  Tallahassee
(lat:30.3958, lon:-84.2083) 335-LEE Leesburg
(lat:28.8125, lon:-81.7917) 336-RS 'Muffe'  Fort Meyers
(lat:26.4792, lon:-81.875) 338-FJ Luuce
(lat:27.4792, lon:-80.4583) 341-FM 'Caloo'  Fort Meyers
(lat:26.5208, lon:-81.9583) 344-JA 'Dinns'  Jacksonville
(lat:30.4792, lon:-81.7917) 346-PCM Plant City
(lat:28.0208, lon:-82.125) 349-AAF Apalachicola
(lat:29.7292, lon:-85.0417) 356-PB 'Rubin'  West Palm Beach
(lat:26.6875, lon:-80.2083) 357-EYA 'Eastport'  Jacksonville
(lat:30.4375, lon:-81.625) 360-PI 'Capok'  St Petersburg / Clearwater
(lat:27.9792, lon:-82.7083) 368-TP 'Cosme'  Tampa
(lat:28.1042, lon:-82.5417) 379-TL 'Wakul'  Tallahassee
(lat:30.3125, lon:-84.375) 388-AM 'Picny'  Tampa
(lat:27.8542, lon:-82.5417) 392-VEP Vero Beach
(lat:27.6458, lon:-80.4583) 405-UTX 'United'  Jupiter
(lat:26.8958, lon:-80.375) 408-SFB Sanford
(lat:28.7708, lon:-81.2083) 417-EVB New Smyrna Beach
(lat:29.0625, lon:-80.9583) 423-OC 'Jumpi'  Ocala
(lat:29.0625, lon:-82.2083) 201-DED 
(lat:29.0625, lon:-81.2917) 201-CE 'Kobra'  Crestview
(lat:30.8542, lon:-86.5417) 290-Y 
(lat:28.9375, lon:-82.7083) 201-ETO 
(lat:30.3542, lon:-94.125) 278-BKV Brooksville
(lat:28.4792, lon:-82.4583) 263-DA 'Tomok'  Daytona Beach
(lat:29.1458, lon:-81.125) 368-NVK 'Allentown'  Milton
(lat:30.7708, lon:-87.0417) 414-NWH Walnut Hill
(lat:30.8125, lon:-87.5417) 526-CYV ?
(lat:, lon:) 221-FX 'Praiz'  Fort Lauderdale
(lat:26.1875, lon:-80.2917) 28210.5-W4JE Eustice
(lat:35.0625, lon:-83.625) 28233.3-KD4EC Jupiter
(lat:26.8958, lon:-80.125) 28254-W4STT Hastings
(lat:29.6875, lon:-81.4583) 28255.7-WY5I Jupiter
(lat:26.9375, lon:-80.0417) 28259-WB4JHS Orlando
(lat:28.3958, lon:-81.375) 28263-K4DOS Ft Lauderdale
(lat:26.1875, lon:-80.125) 28263-KK4XO Coral Springs
(lat:26.1875, lon:-80.125) 28273-KA2GKA Apopka
(lat:28.6458, lon:-81.4583) 28277.1-KD4MZM Sarasota
(lat:27.2708, lon:-82.5417) 28237.8-N4ES Clearwater
(lat:28.0208, lon:-82.7083) 28273-N4HLF Apopka
(lat:28.5, lon:-81) 28285.5-WA4ROX Largo
(lat:27.5, lon:-83) 28300-KF4MS Tallahasee
(lat:39.5208, lon:-84.2083) 518-$04A Miami
(lat:25.6042, lon:-80.375) 50075-K4AHO Orlando
(lat:28.6042, lon:-81.4583) 50080-W4CHA Tampa
(lat:28.0208, lon:-82.625) 28250-N4ES Clearwater
(lat:28.0208, lon:-82.7083) 28255-KI4PJ Palm Bay
(lat:28.0208, lon:-80.7083) 50077-K4AHO Zellwood
(lat:28.7292, lon:-81.5417) 322-#810 Miami
(lat:25.7292, lon:-80.125) 248-MI 'Keyes' Miami
(lat:, lon:) 266-TM Tamiami Executive Airport, Miami
(lat:25.6458, lon:-80.5417) 278-PF 'Lynne' Panama City
(lat:30.3125, lon:-85.7917) 475.7-K2BLA Deland
(lat:29.0625, lon:-81.375) 295-#812 Eglin AFB (Auxilliary)
(lat:30.6458, lon:-86.5417) 314-#808 Card Sound
(lat:25.1458, lon:-80.375) 405-5 Jupiter
(lat:26.8958, lon:-80.375) 28273-AC4DJ Apopka
(lat:28.6458, lon:-81.4583) 28273-WF4HAM Altamonte Springs
(lat:28.6458, lon:-81.375) 28265.5-KR4HO Lake City
(lat:30.2708, lon:-82.625) 28235-KI4AED Ocoee
(lat:28.5625, lon:-81.5417) 28214-N4PAL Longwood
(lat:28.6875, lon:-81.375) 28227-KJ4HYV Zellwood
(lat:28.7292, lon:-81.5417) 28268.5-KG4GXS Coral Springs
(lat:26.2708, lon:-80.2917) 28249.5-W4CJB Santa Rosa Beach
(lat:30.7292, lon:-86.125) 495.9-WF2XXQ Miami
(lat:, lon:) 28210-KD4WDG Wesley Chapel
(lat:28.2708, lon:-82.375) 28277.5-KJ4VYI Pensacola
(lat:30.4792, lon:-87.2083) 28254-W4CJB DeFuniak Springs
(lat:30.7292, lon:-86.125) 28258-WY5I Port St Lucie
(lat:27.2292, lon:-80.375) 17095.1-WHL St Augustine Radio
(lat:29.7708, lon:-81.2917) 8687.5-WHL St Augustine Radio
(lat:29.7708, lon:-81.2917) 18099.6-W4BVH Tampa
(lat:27.8958, lon:-82.5417) 28282-W4BVH Tampa
(lat:27.8958, lon:-82.5417) 10140-WA4KBD Gainesville
(lat:29.6875, lon:-82.375) 10140-W4HBK Gulf Breeze
(lat:30.3958, lon:-87.125) 28247.5-AA4W Crescent City
(lat:29.4375, lon:-81.5417) 28259.5-AK4EO DeFuniak Springs
(lat:30.7292, lon:-86.125) 50061-W3HH Ocala
(lat:29.0625, lon:-82.2083) 50072-W9DR Punta Gorda
(lat:26.9792, lon:-82.2917) 28300-N1SCA PALM BAY
(lat:27.9792, lon:-80.625) 28289.9-N4EH LONGWOOD
(lat:28.6458, lon:-81.2083) 28222.3-W4KLP Fort Pierce
(lat:, lon:) 28262-N4HFA Ocala
(lat:29.2292, lon:-82.2083) 474.2-WI2XBV Deland
(lat:29.0208, lon:-81.2917) 474.2-WI2XRM Melbourne
(lat:28.1042, lon:-80.625) 475.7-W4BCX Melbourne
(lat:28.1458, lon:-80.7083) 405-8888 William P. Gwinn  Airport  -  Jupiter
(lat:26.8958, lon:-80.375) 28211-NX4GT Green Swamp?
(lat:28.3958, lon:-82.0417)