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  • Please use the following list as an additional data source - the ship listings from around 404KHz may prove particularly useful:
    [ William Hepburn's LF List ]
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RNA only 3328
REU only 8159
RNA + REU 1833
RWW 15950

REU Listeners
Locations 473
Loggings 1183033
First log 16 Oct 1029
Last log 5 Dec 2019

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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs First Logged Last Logged
214 DA   400 10,12   Dawson YT CAN CP04ja     FIN SWE AB BC OR YT HI 11 2002-12-31 2019-02-24
239 YXQ   384   DAID Beaver Creek YT CAN BP92nj     FIN AK BC CA OR TX WA 11 2013-08-02 2018-10-29
248 QH   412 10,32   Watson Lake YT CAN CP50ne     FIN NOR SWE AB AK AZ BC CA CO IL MO MT OR TX UT WA YT HI 116 1988-11-12 2019-09-17
284 YOC   405 10,22   Old Crow YT CAN CP07bn     FIN SWE AK BC WA YT HI 18 2004-08-21 2019-11-30
341 DB   403 10.6 DAID Burwash YT CAN CP01mi 200 124' vertical FIN NOR SWE HWA AB AK AZ BC CA CO IL MO MT NE OR TX UT WA YT HI 506 1989-02-25 2019-11-20
365 MA   397 10.2 DAID Mayo YT CAN CP23bp 500 110' vertical FIN NOR SWE AB AZ BC CA CO IL MI MN MT NC NE OR TX UT WA YT HI 296 1988-10-08 2019-11-24
269 ZW   408 9,97 DAID Teslin YT CAN CP30pe 200 Decom per 80' vert. FIN HOL SWE AB AZ BC CA CO IL OR TX UT WA YT HI 121 1990-12-22 2019-09-23
302 XY   408 10 DAID Whitehorse YT CAN CP20ks   INACTIVE SWE AB AK AZ BC CA CO IL MN OH OR TX UT WA YT HI 152 1989-11-12 2010-12-28
378 ZFA   419 9.8   Faro YT CAN CP32hf   INACTIVE - Decommissioned Oct 2017 - FIN AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MT OR TX UT WA YT HI 179 1989-12-20 2017-10-10

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