Im a Test analyst and this is what I feel like doing sometimes to the computer when things dont go right. I'm currently working for ImagoQA, and have been with them with just over two years. Long time I know. Check 'em out there website is ImagoQA

Im a great fan of football and am so glad that the new season has started again. I support Newcastle (OK Shut it .. stop laughing). They are not that bad and you know it. Look 'em up the internet address is Newcastle

My interest lies in Private Investigations and the Secret Service and once seriously thought about doing it as a career. I even went for an interview for one of the Uk's secret services, but I'm not going to say which one!!. I read alot of books, and have bought a few gadgets for my own piece of detective work.
So watch out!! Im you!

  • MI5
  • CIA
  • FBI

    Watch this Space! You will not want to miss forthcoming attractions