Welcome to Matt Mulhern's first effort at this web type stuff!

This is my world

As you can see I'm a little blinkered when it comes to football.
A list of my hobbies etc would've bored you to tears, so I just filled the page with nonsense. Hope you like all the pictures I've pinched from other sites.

...Who played Admiral Ackbar?
Answers to Rduxbury@Imagoqa.co.uk

Easy Tiger!...


Bagpuss gave a big yawn, and settled down to sleep.
And of course when Bagpuss goes to sleep, all his friends go to sleep too.
The mice were ornaments on the mouse-organ.
Gabriel and Madeleine were just dolls.
And Professor Yaffle was a carved wooden bookend in the shape of a woodpecker.
Even Bagpuss himself once he was asleep was just an old, saggy cloth cat.
Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.
But Emily loved him.