Individual or Country?

Heard it all before! Kenya is easily described an easily pleased individual who enjoys Chocolates, Ice Cream {Haagen dazs and Ben & Jerry's}, Travelling and Shopping.

Favourite Holiday Destinations:

United States of America

Why? Having lived in 2 different states in America over a short period and having family and friends there I find myself drawn back to the States every year. I guess I could say my Favorite States are Dallas & Boston.

Dallas has a lot to offer in terms of Shopping and scenery. My favorite destination is Plano, Texas. It is a peaceful and lovely place. Despite the heat which really isn't all that bad as long as one stays away from it. The habitants are lovely and friendly and the food is great. If one is a great meat lover then Dallas is the place to go on holiday or better still live there. Dallas is a place I would love to settle down in forever - because I have my heart set on some Rich Texan or two {really!}.


Why I hear some ask? Well I consider France to be my second home and Ferney- Voltaire is just the place for me to always return to, relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday. Where? Well, this is located on the East of France next to the Swiss Border. It only takes about 10 minutes to cross the border and make my way to Geneve. Now, Geneve is another story entirely. Ferney-Voltaire and its surrounding areas are mainly Agricultural areas and if you can picture living in a house that has a farm behind it, the wonderful sounds of chickens and cows, the smell of Hay, "okay I'll stop!" what? I Hear you say, How can anyone enjoy this? Well it takes one to know one. I spent a lot of my high school and university holidays in Ferney-Voltaire so I guess I am used to this. It really is wonderful and a great place to get away from the the city rush in London.

SHOPPINGThis is one of the things I do to relax.I am known to go on exciting day shopping trips to Paris, Bruxelles, Geneve and why not? Things are much cheaper on the continent and well worth making regular visits to.

CHOCOLATE! Where do I start? All I can say is that I am mad about chocolate and the richer the taste the better. I am easily bought - with Chocolate as long as it is either 'Godiva; Leonidas; Lindt; Milka; Suchard; Cote d'or' and many more then I am in heaven.