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KC-City Tipster Extra, Wednesday 23rd March.

A market correction has taken place with the fall in the value of Tech stocks we feel the probability of the market falling further has been reduced. However with the current uncertainty regarding tech stocks our approach is still cautious. We have therefore committed a smaller proportion of our funds than normal to the following companies as we see these as good growth stocks. Look at the following information cynically and treat it as a form of ramping! You don't have to buy! The information included is not an invitation to buy or sell shares and is not intended to offer any financial advice. The following are 'whispers' regarding which way the following stocks are possibly going to move from within the city. These are not my own views, these are whispers within the city (the shoe shiner, hairdresser and kebab man-no credibility should be attached), the stocks we hold are marked with an * Remember do your own research before any financial decisions are made

Table of new tips
Company Name
Current Price3 Months6 Months9 Months
Durlucher (DUC) 24.2534.5049.0089.50
Scoot (SCO) 2.675.506.408.20
Retail Decisions (RTD)3.204.906.407.80