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If I were a gambling man, even with odds as favourable as 100 to one, I would never have bet that in one day I could learn even the most basic steps to putting some kind of web page together.

The joy of it is though one day it actually happened. html was hurled at me from a dizzy height. Completely improbable assumptions were thrown my way. I tried to fend them off as well I could, but it was useless. The onslaught was relentless. Code started to come out of my ears, my brain seeped it onto my keyboard.

As soon as I saw an opportunity, I gapped it, sprinting out of that html cauldron, of course with my course notes tucked tightly under my arm. (Actually they were in my backpack, but we're not about to split hairs.)

After the quiet of an hour's train ride, I was able to bring some semblance of order to the the bomb blast of the day. actually, this is one of the world's greatest secrets. This being that things,as is their wont, especially when people aren't looking, fall into place.

Things really have a mind of their own. They do, and though it's not within the remit of this course to discuss the nature of things. Suffice to say, there are things and they invariably have a mind of their own.

For example just when you think something is impossible - like learning how to design a webpage in HTML in a day - you retire to your abode (albeit not really your abode, but that of some old friends)and start to create a site before one's very eyes, and much to one's surprise, that you start to believe in the absolute ability of things, and especially their uncanny ability to fall into place.

Which naturally brings me to my place in the natural order of things. I sell books, great books, not so great books, I sell books about harmony, and books about chaos, books about love, and those about hatred. There a tomes on the history of the world, the future of the world, the meaning of life and the meaning of pain. Is there a God, isn't there a God. Does she exist, is he real, or do we just need to believe that there is something beyond, this quickly spent time we're allocated to this globe. If you want to find out about it, we have a book about it.

I would, if you'll offer me the time, of which we all have so little these days, like to draw your attention to the most treasured section of our 48 departments. It stands revered above all others, it is without a shadow of a doubt our most awe inspiring, breath taking and hallowed archive - it is the Hall of Testing.

Herein for our customers we have a collection second to none. Tomes of vast knowledge such as "The Hitchikers guide to testing in the Universe", "War and Testing", "Clockwork Testing", "The meaning of Testing","The Art of Testing","A tale of Two Testers","What the Dickens is Testing","Bugs. My part in their downfall", and last but certainly not least, "QMS-the Quintessential guide to Meaningful Sobriety."

If we haven't got something about it, then it ain't worth believing in

Hard Core
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