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This is Meng David's Web Site.


My Chinese' name is Meng Wei. I was born in August, 1974. I graduated from HeBei University of Technology and worked as a computer programmer for 5 years till now. In my spare time, I like to play chess and basketball. In addition, Drinking tea is also my hobby.

Fresh in Canada:

I came to Toronto with my wife in March,2003. This is the first time for us to go abroad. Everything is fresh.

  1. The primary school in front of our room.Landlord's sons are studing in this school.
  2. The supermarket close to our house.Its name is "Fiesta". There are many people from Mexico.
  3. The Moskoka's beautiful scene. We went to Moskoka with many Korean friends.
  4. The parade is very funny.
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My work experience as the following:

Meng David's Resume(1997-2003)
periodcompany engaged inpositionwork experience
Jan.2002 ¨CMar.2003Software EngineerHuatech Co. Ltd, Telecom Dept., Beijing, ChinaAccording to CMM2 process, designed, developed and tested the software used to exchange data packages between Telecom and Banks, write-off bills in the Telecom database system. This project is to establish accounting system for China Railway Telecom. We passed CMM2 process assessment in December,2002.
Jan.2000 ¨CJan.2002Computer ProgrammerPowerise Inc. Telecom Co. Ltd, Beijing, ChinaDeveloped and tested Integrated Network Management software for China Telecom project according to CMM2, this software is No.1 in Chinese Network Management field.
Aug.1997 ¨CJan.2000China Postal Savings Bank DBA/System Administrators/ProgrammerInstalled and configured Oracle database server; Conducted backup and recovery, monitored, tuned, and maintained the database; Coded the program of postal financial software; Built in network and Familiar with kinds of routers or modems

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