My IconMy Name is Hamidreza Sabetfar and I am studying in .Net Solution program in Humber college. My wife, Behnoush, and I have moved to canada since 10/2001.

MY Wife and I

I am bachlor degree in computer Science (Software Engineer).I have 8 years experiances in IT market.My experiances are in :

Programming languages Delphi (5 Y), Visual Basic (4 Y), C & C++ (5 Y), Java (2 Y)
Methodologies/Architectures OOP (Object Oriented Programming) (6 Y), Client/Server (4 Y), ODBC (5 Y), ADO (2 Y)
RDBMS MS SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 & 2000(5 Y), Oracle (4 Y), Ms Access (3 Y), FoxPro
Case Tools Sybase Power Designer 6.0(2 Y), Easy Case 4.0(4 Y)
Programming tools Crystal Reports (4 Y), MS-Office 97-2000-XP (5 Y), Visual SourceSafe (2 Y)
Internet HTML (1 Y), DHTML (1 Y), XML (1 Y)
Operating systis Windows(2000, NT, 9x) (5 Y), Novell NetWare (3.x, 4.x)(4 Y), Linux (1 Y)


I would like to explain about myslef to you.

MerlinMy favorites are:

  1. Music: I like sufi music. I think I have to explain it. SUFI is a spirit group. Also I like Rock music especially PINK FLOYD. My favorite bands are
    • Metallica
    • Eagles
  2. Movies: I love movies a lot I think I have seen more then 1,000,000 movies since I was 7 years old. My favorite movie categories are
  3. Books: I would like to read book everywhere and everytime.
  4. Computer: I like computer so much. I have worked with computer since I was 14 years old. At that time I worked with COMMODORE 64

Contact me :email bsabetfar@yahoo.com

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