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Hi guys, This is Xiaolong Li,a full time student of Humber College. With the great help of Martin Francis ,I began to grasp the use of HTML.
Beside the current curriculum, I also study the knowledge of data warehouse, if you are interested in this area, the following reference book may help you.
  1. Data Modeling with Erwin (by Carla Deangelis, M. Carla DeAngelis)
  2. The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling (by Kimball, Ralph Kimball)
  3. The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit: Expert Methods for Designing, Developing, & Deploying Data Warehouses (by Ralph Kimball)
  4. Building the Data Warehouse (by H. Inmon, INMON)
  5. Anything else?

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