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Please note this is my first ever go at this sort of thing!

I love Tomb Raiding and would, of course, love to grow up to look like Lara (have her house and adventures).... well, we can all dream.....
I think this site is the best for tips on how to play - and thanks for the picture: Go to Stella's site

....and of course there is the Indiana Jones appeal to all this too...

click here for some stuff about Dr Jones

> On holiday this year we went to visit Petra, an ancient, fantastic and awe-inspiring (and very cold in January) place in the Jordanian desert
more info on Petra the "rose-red city half as old as time"
and some pictures

and here is David freezing in Petra (this is a photo of the Treasury, and which was used as part of the set for one of the Indiana Jones films)

and just for the sake of the beautiful view.... here is another picture of David feeling cold in the desert: