Welcome to Adrian's Homepage

So as to give everyone a good laugh
I have included a picture
of myself on the page

Well a bit about myself......

I currently live in London, though the Palace Hotel in Manchester has become a second home to me. I am definitely beginning to feel like Alan Partridge even to the extent of devising a sit com about my current assignment, going to hen nights with my current colleagues etc.

I am particulary interested in football, so I am going to give a bit of background into the characters I spend most of my Sunday mornings with.

Position Name AKA Interests & Hobbies
Goalkeeper Sean Pre madonna Children
Defender Rockie Fighting
Defender Beaney Terry Barritt Treasurer and comedian rolled into one
Midfielder Jurgen Gary Westbrook Is the greatest dancer
Midfielder Harry Harrold Barritt Gnomes
Midfielder Jonno John Service
Midfielder Derm Dermot Doyle
Midfielder Tuggy John
Midfielder Aled James
Forward Birdy Peter Birdsall Married the daughter of a millionaire, loafing
Forward Conehead

So as well as spending my days as a consultant, my parents have kindly got me involved in bar work. In return for cheap rent they have me working behind a bar.

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