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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
201 IP 1021 1019 4.2   Mobile AZ USA DM33tc 25 2014-01 Bob Coomler passes along that the Avionics Supervisor for the Lufthansa training facility in Mobile, AZ about the "new improved" IP. they installed a new Southern Avionics SE 125 transmitter running 25 watts they also repaired the Ant counter poise. Also it is solar powered. 2015 02 25 Bob Coomler reports lower offset is weak AZ BC CA CO IL MO MT NC OR TX UT WA 169 2017-11-26
206 SOW 1036 1032 8.0   Show Low AZ USA DM44xg 25   AZ BC CA CO IL MN MO MT NC NM OH OR TX UT WA 256 2017-11-26
220 RBJ 1032 1024 8.4   'Robles' Tucson AZ USA DM42hb 10   AZ BC CA CO IL OR TX UT 165 2017-11-28
245 AVQ 1023 1017 7.0 TWEB Marana AZ USA DM42jj   TWEB station - AZ BC CA CO IL MT NC NV OR TX UT WA 224 2017-10-06
338 RYN 1042 1017 8.6   'Ryan' Tucson AZ USA DM42kd 400 2014 01 13 - Bob Coomler reporting dirty transmitter (spurious) AB AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO MS MT NC NE NM NV NY OH OR TN TX UT WA WI HI 587 2017-12-01
403 AZC 1048 1039 7.33   Colorado City AZ USA DM36lx 40 Fast ID; AZ BC CA CO ID IL MT NM NV OR TX UT WA 345 2017-11-16
407 CHD 1058 1048 6.14   Chandler AZ USA DM43cg 49 2012-05-10 David Hollander reports it is OTA AZ BC CA CO IL MO MT NC NM NS NV OR TX UT WA HI 337 2017-12-08
410 DAO 1060 990 7.49   'Dragoo' Fort Huachuca (Sierra Vista) AZ USA DM41to 25 Slow ID AZ BC CA CO IL MN MO NC NE NM NV OR TN TX UT WA HI 324 2017-06-23
209 PCA         Picacho AZ USA DM35ug   Position Estimated; Decommissioned (Andy Robins, 2005-02-24) AZ 1 2002-12-26
215 GEU         Glendale AZ USA DM33um     CA CO 4 2002-10-17
224 SDL   1035     Scottsdale AZ USA DM43bp   Rptd off since 2004-11-30 (Dick Palmer, 2005-01-03) AZ CA CO 11 2004-08-27
254 AWR         Window Rock AZ USA DM55lp   Rptd OTA 2003-11-12 (Jim Smith); One theory (Dick Palmer 2003-11-13) was that this station has never BEEN active. However, Dave Tomasko has heard it in AZ. AZ 1 2002-12-26
259 PBY 1020 1030 7.0   'Peabody' Kayenta AZ USA DM46tl 25 Not heard by Dick Palmer since June 15, 2005. Reported by Don Tomkinson to be active, 2006-11-08. 2008-12-07 FAA Sectional Chart 25SEP2008 lists this as Shutdown. AZ BC CA CO NM OR TX UT 48 2007-02-18
281 FFZ 1045 1033 7.9   'Falcon Fld' Mesa AZ USA DM43dl 25 2011-06-01 - Don Tomkinson reports it is decommissioned AZ BC CA CO IL NM OR TX UT 87 2011-01-03
379 PUU 1052 1014 8.0   'Pulliam' Flagstaff AZ USA DM45dd 49   AZ CA CO NV OR TX UT 66 2007-04-05
394 ENZ 1055 1021 7.9   Nogales AZ USA DM41nk 100 2014-08-25 Michael Oexner reports that has been or will be Decommissioned. AZ BC CA CO ID IL MI MN MO NC NM NV OR TX UT WA HI 327 2014-05-02
413 OEG 1055 1008 8.2   'Golden Eagle' Yuma Proving Ground AZ USA DM22su 49 Decommissioned April 2009 (Don Tomkinson) AZ BC CA CO IL MI NM NV OH OR TX UT WA YT 216 2010-01-02

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