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KHz A-Z ID LSB USB Sec Fmt 'Name' and Location S/P ITU GSQ PWR Notes Heard In (Daytime reception is bold) Logs Last Heard
205 AAQ 1029 1028 8.43   Araraquara (SP)   BRA GG58we 1000   BRA 22 2017-08-14
205 GM 1040 1040 5.838   'WILZE' Wilmington NC USA FM14ci   20070515 reported active by Don Ward FL IL MA MI MO NC NH NJ NY OH SC TN TX VA 74 2017-11-27
205 LNH 1014 1013 5.87   Millen GA USA EM92av 25 55' antenna (accrding to WWSU) AZ CO FL IL MI MO NC NH OH ON SC TN TX VA 99 2017-11-26
205 MXN 1025   8.1 ID+4" gap Maxaranguape   BRA       ESP 1 2016-12-11
205 YEU         Eureka NU CAN EQ79bx     FIN NOR SWE IL 11 2017-01-29
205 YRQ   391 10.530 DAID Trois Rivieres QC CAN FN36qi 25   CA IL MA MD ME MI MN MO NB NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON QC TX VA 138 2017-11-27
205 AGI         Araguaina   BRA     Decom June 2014    
205 CE 1018 1024 8.20   CALEDONIAN   MLA OJ03rd     THA 1 2015-01-17
205 COR 1025 1014 6.9   'Sayler Farms' Corcoran CA USA DM06fb 25 Phil Atchley reports LSB side not heard in several years Phil Atchley reports spurious can be heard at 206.407 AZ BC CA CO MT NC NV OR TX UT WA HI 394 2016-12-14
205 CQA 1028 1017 6.750   'Lakefield' Celina OH USA EN70rl 25 2012-06-17 Michael Oxener reports its been deleted AZ CO IL MD MI MN MO NC NS NY OH ON OR TX VA 79 2011-03-28
205 CXM         Coxim   BRA GH21ol     BRA 3 2010-09-04
205 JPG         Jacarepagua (RJ)   BRA GG87ha 100 2011-10-20 Michael Oexner Reports its been Deleted BRA 9 2010-09-04
205 ORE 1035 1041 5.383   Orange MA USA FN32un 25   CT IL MA MD MI NC NH NJ NS NY OH ON QC TX VA VT 84 2016-10-09
205 PTT 1026 1025 6.944   Trombetas   BRA GI18tm          
205 XZ   406 10.3 DAID Wawa ON CAN EN78pa 125 'Home of the giant goose statue!' (Doug Klein) 'You better check with the Wawa Chamber of Commerce before you go advertising to the world what a tourist hot-spot it is. After all, they may not have enough hotel beds to accommodate us all ;-)' (Fred Mooney) Alex Wiecek reports that Wawa NDB (XZ-205) is going off air around 2015 February/March AB AZ BC CA CO CT IA IL LA MA MD MI MN MO MT NB NC NE NH NJ NS NY OH ON OR PA QC TN TX VA VT WA 356 2015-05-09
205 YWO   400 10.3 DAID Lupin NT CAN DP45js 2000 Estimates for power vary - may be considerably less (Dick Palmer, 2006-10-07) SWE AB AZ BC CA MN OR YT 18 2006-10-28

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